The latest trailer of Director Ridley Scott's "Alien: Covenant" is the "Last Supper" which draws the prologue of the movie

A trailer depicting a prologue of "Renedei Scott's director Alien: Covenant (alien: covenant) scheduled to be released in Japan in September 2017Alien: Covenant | "Prologue: Last Supper""Has been released. Alien: "Alien: Covenant |" Prologue: Last Supper "becomes" prologue prologue "because of the position of the prologue of the first album" alien "of the series which the covenant itself was released in 1979, but in the main part Is a rare trailer drawn in scenes that are not used.

Alien: Covenant | "Prologue: Last Supper" [HD] | 20th Century FOX - YouTube

Spacecraft flying in outer space looking for a star to be a colony of humanity Covenant.

Android David (Michael Fasbender), the survival of the Prometheus issue, is illuminating the lights.

What is being illuminated is Daniels (Catherine · Waterstone)

It seems that you are being diagnosed with David because of poor physical condition.

Coven pit cockpit. Captain Branson Captain who James Franco plays wears something like a sheet.

Do you feel the cold air against the captain who wraps around the sheet, the pilot "Are you OK? Captain"

"Should be fine"

A captain leaving the crew leaving the crew. I seem to be taking a break first.

Daniels ...

Wink. A pattern of unavoidable relationship with the captain.

Crews who start fidgeting something.

The pilot wears a ten-gallon hat ......

"Did (the captain) go?"

"I went there."

"It's the beginning of a party!"

We all started drinking.

People who are interested in gambling ... ...

A person who starts an arm wrestling.

Great excitement.

Before approaching cold sleep, I remove the squirrel as if I relieve tension.

Not only friendship between men ......

Relationships in the crew are also drawn.

From the story of "insects" to make food, stories about nostalgic foods on Earth, such as meatloaf, pie, barbecue and others come out ......

Being nostalgic, everyone's inseparable.

At that time, there was something wrong with the woman who was sitting ....

A woman who starts suffering holding a throat.

I also notice the surroundings as strange.

A woman who is likely to spit something.

At that time when the tension has risen to the highest ......

David hitting the back of a woman.

The woman was back, but suffering seems to be relieved.

It seems to be just a throat stuffed, but it has become a scene that reminds me of the first album "alien".

Daniels who is requested at the end of the party and makes a speech.

"Everyone is here with a big sacrifice, for the colonial exploration mission of unprecedented scale. Let's make history."

Before cold sleep, bonds deepen further.

A toast is a toast.

After this, you will know the harsh fate that a crew awaits.

"Alien: Covenant |" Prologue: Last Supper "shows the appearance of" The Last Supper ".

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