"Swift Demand" that you can experience virtual what happens every month with "Basic income" everyone receives money monthly

A virtual currency functioning as the currency of the digital age "Bitcoin (bit coin)"ButHighest ever valueTurning on, we are showing excitement again. Because it is not centrally central, it is not controlled by the country which is accelerated by the characteristics as a virtual currency that is not being controlled by the country Accelerating widespread concept such as bit coin, social security where everyone can obtain a fixed amount unconditionally The system's "Basic incomeCentralized virtual currency with a grand concept to try to reproduce the digital world "Swift Demand (Swift Dimand)"Has appeared. Everyone can get a coin if you register.


Swift Demand is a virtual currency system that reproduces basic income in the digital world. Everybody can register 100 coins every day if you register. Swift Demand coins can be remitted to others. In other words, you can use it like an actual currency by paying coins as a consideration for goods and services.

So I will sign up and try getting coins. Click "Sign Up" on the official website.

Favorite alphanumeric characters in "Swift ID" as your ID to use to remit virtual currency, Last name in "Last Name", your email address in "Email", 6 or more characters in "Password" After entering the password of, please enter the same password again "Confirm Password", and finally click "Sign Up".

Your Swift Demand page was displayed like this. "Coin Balance (deposit amount)" at the start is zero. The Swift ID used for sending and receiving coins is displayed in the upper right with "#".

I will get coins at once. Click "Claim".

Alright, I got 100 coins and "Coin Balance" becomes "100". The time below is a countdown of the time to get 100 coins next. If the time comes, you can click "Claim" button again and you can get 100 coins again. In addition, you can get 100 more coins by assigning it with the confirmation mail that arrived at the registered mail address.

To remit a coin, simply enter "Swift ID" and "number of coins to send" and click "Send", which is extremely easy.

If you invite a friend to Swift Demand you can also get 500 coins. By sending the URL of "Rreferral Link" by e-mail etc., if a person who sent it registers to Swift Demand from that link, it can get 500 coins, you can get coins by introduction until the registered number reaches 5 million.

Since Swift Demand is similar to the basic income system given only by living and unconditionally, it is necessary to regularly log in to the site and to work "Claim" to indicate survival. Swift Demand can get 100 coins every day unconditionally but there are limits to coins that can be got without Claim work and at the time of article creation, "700 coins" seven times the coins you can get on the day are "Collect Your Coins Every day the distribution will stop. In other words, if you want to receive 100 coins everyday, Claim work is required at least once every 7 days.

The remittance cost of a coin of Swift Demand is 3% of the coin to be sent, but it will be flexibly changed depending on the number of participants. The remittance between individuals may be free in the future.

In addition to personal accounts, vendor accounts are also available for shops to use for settlement. Unlike personal accounts, vendor accounts do not accept coin distribution. However, by introducing Swift Demand 's API that will be prepared in the future, we plan to be able to use Swift Demand coins for settlement like PayPal payment by introducing the API of online purchase. In addition, ratings display as to whether the store can be trusted is also scheduled to be done.

The bit coin is an anti-centralized system, whereas there was no way to recover remitted bit coins, while a charge back system will be introduced in Swift Demand, a centralized system. The chargeback is made according to the location of the responsibility of the trouble, and if the shop is responsible but there are not enough coins to refund, a penalty is imposed such as the account being suspended.

Swift Demand is a magnificent plan to create a basic income system in the digital space on a global scale, but there are differences in prices between developed and developing countries, so if you distribute the same coin, the coins There is a structural problem that the value becomes low. Therefore, it is classified according to GDP per citizen, people of the same class are given the same kind of coins. It is possible to "exchange money" coins with different classes, but the exchange rate will be left to the free market.

It is a very interesting thing whether "Swift Demand" of the attempt to realize the basic income in the virtual world which the possibility of introduction is discussed also in the real world works.

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