That "Magic Mirror" is the first three-dimensional at 1/12 scale, the mirror is transparent through putting the switch

A legendary project "Magic Mirror" by Mr. Naoki Kubo Directed by Mamezou of AV Manufacturer "Soft On Demand" (book "A man who revolutionized my youth's magic mirror AV"Is detailed) is supposed to be first three-dimensional innocence. I do not know who will get it, but probably it is possible to recreate such a situation by putting figures inside.

In the first place, what is the Magic Mirror number, the details of that are summarized in the following article.

AV world · Endless hit series "SOD Magic Mirror" Birth Confidential - Otoco - News | Week Pre - NEWS [Weekly Playboy News Site]

"Magic mirror (MM) series" that saved such initial SOD is. A room surrounded by Magic Mirror was set up in the truck loading part, and a big hit with the idea of ​​bringing in girls who gave Nanpa there. This work, whose first release in 1996 was released, has become a popular series that continues today.

Moreover, the first generation of (MM number) just stuck the veneer's board.It was not such a wonderful thing, but thanks to the big hit in the series, it has evolved from the plywood board to the remodeling with a lot of remodeling and steadily evolving After all, it cost about 30 million yen for remodeling ", in fact it is considerably expensive. anotherInterview with the presidentAccording to "Although the car body of the Magic Mirror is Mitsubishi Canter, the rear part is full custom so it will cost about 40 million yen".

However, the end of 2013 came out a story of scrapped cars due to aging. It's like the tweet below.

So why did you respond to the voice that I wanted to keep my memorable Magic Mirror forever, what is it, "1/12 Magic Mirror" was bombed as follows.

Scheduled to be released at the native store in the summer of 2017

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Total length 516 mm

Because it is a magic mirror, you can not see inside ... ....

A bit more like a mirror

You can see it by making the outside dark and brightening the inside

Usually like this

That makes it more realistic

In addition, Magic Mirror has a total construction cost of 100 million yen "Magic Mirror Bus"There is already a plan to make the current president," Although there are plans for the Magic Mirror Bus, now there are also increases in the Olympic Games and tourists from China, I can not buy a bus ... until deliveries 2 However, the current Magic Mirror is about to get aged too soon ... "" The bus only costs 780 million yen for the body, so we are prepared for over 100 million yen " So in a few years the Magic Mirror bus should be three-dimensional.

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