Birth of a device that can donate to anti-trump human rights organizations just by popping like Amazon Dash Button

President Robert Trump 's policy of making walls at the border with Mexico and restricting entry from certain nations has raised voices of pros and cons in both inside and outside the United States. Meanwhile, hardware that can be purchased with one push provided by Amazon "Amazon Dash ButtonJust like a button, a group that is active in the United States to protect freedom and human rights every time "The American Free Human Rights Association(ACLU) "that can donate to"ACLU Dash ButtonPeople who made the item appeared.

The ACLU Dash Button - Medium

Amazon Dash Button is a physical button that you can purchase at Amazon that you had to order using a PC browser, smartphone application, etc. just by clicking the button. Service has already been started in Japan, and you can see how you actually clicked with Dash Button in the following article.

I tried using the physical button "Dash Button" that can order Amazon's favorite items without smartphone & one push - GIGAZINE

The original Dash Button is a device only for ordering at Amazon, but it has titles such as designers, programmers, and makers who have made devices that can be donated to ACLU in the same way as thisNathan PryorMr. is. Mr. Kathrine of a friend said that "I wish I had an ACLU Dash Button if I had the opportunity to donate cards each time I saw an attack on the cards ..." Pryor was asked to develop an apparatus that actually realizes that idea I started.

The situation using ACLU is as follows. With this, you will be able to donate every time you hear President Trump 's news.

The ACLU Dash Button - YouTube

Now, when I watch news on TV or net ......

Literally, news about the policy of President Trump will jump in like every day. For this news, the pros and cons of the world is winding up. There are many people who can not accept policies among Americans though it is the content that "protect the United States".

"When again sigh ... ..." and sighs leaked, click on ACLU Dash Button.

When the lamp that accepted the operation lights up ...

Notification that the smartphone "donated to ACLU!" Only this alone can contribute to the activities of organizations to protect American freedom and human rights.

Pryor used Amazon's Dash Button type device "IoT Button"is. This button answered to the voice saying "I want to customize the Dash Button by myself" which Tech series community demanded many, and anyone can build a service of the Dash Button method by oneself if there is little knowledge is. All-New AWS IoT Button (2nd Generation): Kindle Store

Pryor pic with this device at Amazon and started coding necessary until the product arrives. Since API for donating to ACLU is not prepared, PryorMechanizeWrite a script in Python using the library ofAWS LambdaIt was said that the function was built using. Lambda is an optimal service for applications not so large as to make a server, and royalties are charged only for real time when computing was actually done at the server.

When IoT Button is clicked, Pryor sends a trigger to the server, the server opens the ACLU donation page, fills in the necessary form and sends it, and when it is accepted successfully, a message arrives at the smartphone I wrote a script called. And IoT Button actually arrived and succeeded at the end of the fight of about an hour was a donation like the movie above.

Of course it is possible to make donation without this button, but ACLU Dash Button that can be "popped" instantly even if there is no PC or smartphone at hand will be a meaningful existence. For those who want to make and use ACLU Dash Button by myself, Pryor also publishes source code at GitHub.

GitHub - nathanpryor / donation_button

In addition, ACLU clearly shows a posture against President Trump 's immigration policy clearly. On the top page of the website is posted a message asking for donation along with a message that "he discriminated: we have appealed" along with a picture of President Trump.

American Civil Liberties Union

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