Intel skips drone of 300 aircraft and draws a star and bridge flag in the sky with the background of a gaga show

The American football league "NFL" is the championship championship "Super bowl"Was held on February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. At the half time show, Lady Gaga appeared and showed a hit medley for 13 minutes, in which Intel automatically skipped drone of 300 aircraft and draws a star flag of the American flag in the sky.

Intel drones form US flag for Lady Gaga's halftime show

Every year at the Super Bowl of the National Football League in the U.S., a half-time show by the big name will be held, but Lady Gaga appeared in the 2017 Super Bowl. Although it is appearance in Nojora according to the usual practice, a powerful show is spreading with the flashy costumes and stages, the shining lighting and the LED light filling the venue. You can see that in the movie below, but you can see the director's directing of 300 aircraft that Intel skipped at the beginning.

Lady Gaga's FULL Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show | NFL - YouTube

At the beginning of the show, a white dot appears behind Lady Gaga singing on the rooftop of the stadium. It looks like a starry sky, but Intel 's drones that all fly automatically.

The drones are equipped with LEDs, making red and blue patterns like this ... ...

In the end, I reproduce the Star-Spangled Banner in three colors red, blue and white. In addition, the drone 's flight is synthesizing what was filmed by the day before.

And Lady Gaga jumps off the rooftop and the show starts

I do not think I'm calling "Gaga"

A stage of powerful involving many dancers will be unfolded.

On the way, there is one act to make it moist with a ballad ... ...

There is one act that shows wildness like Gaga-sama

The drone used at the show is an aircraft called "Shooting Star" developed independently by Intel. In 2016, 500 Guinea Records are established by skipping 500 drone at the same time.

Drone Light Shows Powered by Intel

You can also see the skipping of Shooting Star in the following movie.

Intel's 500 Drone Light Show | Intel - YouTube

The stacked aircraft is Intel 's Shooting Star. A guard is attached to the propeller, and it seems that it is designed so as not to cause a problem even if colliding with each other.

A dome-shaped LED light is attached to the bottom of the aircraft.

A drone that takes off as if the hordes of birds flew away. 500 drone is able to flight automatically, and the personnel necessary for operation isOnly 2 peopleAnd that. In addition, since one person has to prepare as a backup person, the real can be operated by one person.

The letter "500" drawn on the sky. In order to realize such a large-scale flight, cooperation with aviation authorities is indispensable, and Intel said that in collaboration with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the project was realized.

The appearance of the Super Bowl who also contributed Intel's Shooting Star to directing has been summarized in Twitter's "Moment".

Lady Gaga dazzled during the Super Bowl 51 halftime

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