Does Apple have its own ARM-based chip on MacBook Pro?

New Macbook ProIs equipped with a "T1 chip" that runs a new interface "Touch Bar", but Apple has developed an ARM-based proprietary chip that handles "low power mode" etc. for the next Macbook ProT 310"It is reported that it is under development.

Apple Said to Work on Mac Chip That Would Lessen Intel Role - Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg's report that got information from Apple sources, Apple is developing its own chip based on ARM to implement higher performance features. The new chip called "T310" development code is supposed to handle the "low power mode" which Intel processors had been processing, mail check at sleep, application update etc.

Although Apple has adopted ARM-based "Apple A processor" on iPhone and iPad, it does not replace the Intel processors adopted in Macbook Pro, but part of the tasks that Intel processors were responsible for It seems that it is aiming for a high-performance MacBook which can obtain the merit of two chips by processing with electric power.

According to sources, the T310 chip may be installed in the upgraded version of MacBook Pro that will appear later in 2017. The latest MacBook Pro is "Battery is badAlthough it was criticized as "T310 chip added, it is expected that power efficiency will be further improved. On the other hand, The Verge noted that the benefit of the T310 chip may be limited only to "sleeping", so it is unclear whether the time spent in a place without power will be long. Bloomberg expects Apple to have the possibility to be secretly mounted on the next MacBook Pro without emphasizing the existence of the T310 chip.

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