Headline news on February 1, 2017

In commemoration of the 50th birthday of Lupine the 3rd, I reproduced the hideout of Lupine Ichigo "Lupine · RistoranteWill be opened from February 22 (Wednesday) to February 27 (Mon) at the Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 7th Floor. In Lupine Ristorante, limited menus such as "I love Lupine one taste!? Napolitan spaghetti" and "Banpako Banpaku burger" are offered, and users also receive original launch mats, coasters gifts, limited goods sale I will.

ISETAN × Lupine the 3rd # Enter in the hideout of Isetan | 2017 | Isetan Shinjuku branch

The limited menu offered at Lupine Ristorante is "Lupine homemade potatoes gnocchi ~ special bolognese style ragouta sauce ~ (2 3 ~ 3 servings)" (3888 yen), "Zenigei inspector hamburger" (1944 yen), " (1,836 yen), "Loppin I love you too! Napolitan spaghetti (one serving)" (1404 yen), "Lupine's jacket color cream soda" (951 yen each), "Lupine's coffee" 7500 yen), "Lupine's coffee jelly" (951 yen), "LUPIN steals dessert from THE STAND" (1707 yen), "LUPIN steals dessert from LADIES & GENTLEMEN" (1059 yen). Limited goods are "Lupine the 3 rd birth anniversary original swallow note ((A5 size)" (454 yen), "Lupine the 3 rd birth 50th anniversary commemorative original stainless mug" (972 yen) ※ All prices include tax

Lupine · Ristorante is reservation system, reservation fee is 2160 yen including tax, meals · drinks must be ordered separately. "50th anniversary commemorative original plate of Lupine the 3rd anniversary original plate" treated with 50th logo entered with illustrations by Professor Monkey Punch as booking privilege is attached. Each hour is 1 hour, it has become the first 20 people. Appointment reservation is possible from the schedule in the following web page.

Lupine · Ristorante with Internet Award Limited Advance Reservation Available | Foods | Isetan Online Store

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

To make a referendum in Switzerland to decide whether to introduce income security system that can receive 300,000 yen a month without working - GIGAZINE

What is the dysfunctional state of the patent system in Xerox's silly patent? - GIGAZINE

Complete spoiler to understand in about 1 minute "Star Wars / Awakening of the Force" - GIGAZINE

Islamic country posts · Kenji Goto will be released on YouTube, which is supposed to have been killed - GIGAZINE

Registered mysterious appearance to stay from 6000 yen I bought a tangible cultural property inn "Ryokan West Suburb" - GIGAZINE

Free of charge "Ghost in the shell ___ STAND ALONE COMPLEX" All 26 episodes are being delivered, limited time until February 20 at YouTube - GIGAZINE

Explicitly eat a cup noodle hanauta exclusively for women and found out content that can be enjoyed enough even by men - GIGAZINE

Figure summarizing the results of the questionnaire about the size of male age for women - GIGAZINE

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[Video] Impact, chimpanzee kills the original boss and cannibales | National Geographic Japan version site

Real people on a mannequin 150 years ago, discovered by CT scan | National Geographic Japan Edition site

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Public opinion poll that surpasses entry immigration 49% against 41% opposite: Asahi Shimbun Digital

49% of people agreed on opinion polls conducted by Reuters in 50 states across the United States in favor of the presidential decree banned from US Middle East and African countries issued by President Trump, exceeding the opposite 41% . President Trump has raised "controversial ban on Muslim temporary entry" since the election, but has expanded enthusiastic support. In the opinion poll, domestic divisions are noticeable.

Chinese companies, "borrowing" foreign land one after another "Request for extraterritorial rights: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Island nation floating in the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka. China's state-owned enterprises will borrow the major ports and the surrounding land. The period is 99 years. Similar cases are also successive in neighboring countries. In the age of imperialism, it seems that China has been given leasehold land in the strength of Japan and Europe, has undergone a contrary movement for the past century.

Trump president, dismissed the top judge ministry that instructed not to defend immigration bureau picture 1 international news: AFPBB News

Bangla's girl, for the first time as a female "Tree Man Syndrome" Onset or 5 pictures International News: AFPBB News

"If Lehman was Brothers & Sisters ..." Prime Minister: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Net search results, not allowed to delete = arrest history "Public interest" - First judgment criteria indicated - Supreme Court: Current affairs dot com

The Supreme Court pointed out that the content of information ▽ degree of damage ▽ social position - etc. should be taken into consideration. In addition, "The arrest history of child prostitution still relate to public interests, even considering that men live with their wives and work without committing a crime, clearly privacy protection does not clearly dominate protection of privacy "And dismissed the appeal by the male side.

Search result of arrest history, not allowed to delete ... Supreme Court first judgment: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Unanimous decision of five judges. In the judgment that emphasizes "Freedom of Expression" and "Knowing Right" on the Internet, in the Internet society, users of the Internet society will be able to share incident reports of highly public interest through search sites.

500 shops, conversion to Lawson = all of the store on the North Kita-dori Soft: current affairs dot com

Matsuya Foods, stock price is high backwards. What is the driving force to overcome the market price? "Matsuya" 's beef bowl and "Pine nuts" and bowls, double engine ignition? Introduction to beginner friendly investment trusts beginning with investment 1 | 1

MRJ The 5th postponement Wake also | NHK NEWS WEB

Tokonoshima's Rabbit Protective Cat 3 thousand all infertile castration Kagoshima - Sankei News

Operation cost burden Fukushima prefecture 70% approval | Hebei Shimbun online news

JR Osaka East Line's New Station Name to "Seongbuk Park Gardening" Osaka City Asahi District Submit a Request Form to JR West Request a Different Name on the Mikei WEST WISE

"Pay for success" from the Dentsu Group - Article bought 01: Waseda Chronicle

Articles distributed by Kyodo Newsletter were posted on local newspaper [1]. There is no clear statement such as "advertisement" or "PR". It was a very ordinary article style.

Dentsu's involvement with Dentsu [Note 2] and 100% subsidiary Dentsu Public Relations [Note 3] (Dentsu PR).

On the Kyodo newsletter side, Kyodo news agency Kyodo news agency [Note 4] (joint corporation) that distributed the article and Kyodo News agency [Note 6] (KK joint) of a wholly owned subsidiary [Note 5] .

In response to the interview, the person in charge at the time of Dentsu PR admitted that this money was "payment of article distribution success" [7]. A joint editorial member who wrote the article [Note 8] also said that it was "recognized as an opportunity" [Note 9] and acknowledged that there was recognition that money was on the article .

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Ibaraki prefecture section of the central area, February 26 Radio emission of Tomomi Tomei to Higashi Kanto road 6 To high speed and connection | News of riding

Is it true that "purchasing e-books does not support artists"? I asked the active editor - KAI - YOU.net

"Simmered boiled" on a rough egg is too delicious! You should absolutely eat "Naniwa Omu Rice" if you come to Shinsaibashi 【Yukae dining room everyone's rice branch 73rd】 - everyone's rice

Mr. Futoshi 2nd floor gimmick hunting PR hunting, spreading of Jibie | hokkaido / electronic version (political)

Www.fnn-news.com: Jibiyan cuisine event in front of LDP headquarters Government and ruling party confirmed cohesion

Hunting and Jibie know hunting for 2/4 in Kami City, Kochi prefecture | Kochi Shimbun

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Helpful during sickness · Spilling even if you drink while sleeping "One Touch Bottle Straw"

KEISUI ART STUDIO | When there is no appetite, Amano Foods 'Chinese noodles'

If you cook with a teflon-cooker, "From heating oil to put the ingredients" from the eyes talk that such a way can be delicious "common sense was overturned!" - Togetter Summary

Foreign guests "disappeared" by statistics were here! : Nihon Keizai Shimbun

JR Tokyo Station (Chiyoda, Tokyo). At 5 p.m., a Filipino family of five people got on a night bus that told Kyoto. After staying in Osaka, I entered Tokyo by night bus and went to Kansai again around Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Tower.
I will stay in Japan for 10 days, but during that time, I will not stay at hotels and inns. While traveling around, it combines a night bus and a private residence to reduce travel expenses. One of the family, a woman in her twenties looks happy to say "I can sleep comfortably even by bus." I thought of Kiyomizudera and went on a dream journey. A Spanish man (22) also said, "In the morning, when you awoke, you have reached your destination, you can use your time effectively," and you took a bus with a lover.
The night bus of the Willer Alliance (Tokyo · Shinjuku) is about 3900 yen between Tokyo and Osaka. Seats are also comfortable, so the number of visitors to Japan who use it instead of lodging has increased. The increase in the use of these night buses has also helped, and the number of Japanese visitors who use the company's high-speed buses has increased to about 130,000 in 2016, up to about four times five years ago.

KEISUI ART STUDIO | liver value deteriorated after cholecystectomy · Siak!

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Japan Microsoft agrees with "Cyber ​​Security Month"! - The Official Microsoft Japan Blog

Verification of various end points and downtime of Aurora | External Father's Takumi

Make kids' personal computer with Raspberry Pi and Kano OS - karaage.

Story telling me that I had stopped using au for 10 years and moved to mineo - a diary of the Pasitake

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Au × TRANSFORMERS project - YouTube

If you compare hidden Christianity to a hidden geek felt the possibility of deepening understanding - Togetter Summary

What happened to the game & doujin shop "Messe san oh" that existed in Akihabara: Timesteps

Voice Actor Training Center: "Noisy" Apartment Residents, Blue 2 Pro Prosecution - Mainichi Newspaper

Three people, including apartment residents in Osaka city, were invited to violate the right to live a peaceful life with the noise of the training stations of the voice actors, "Blue Two Production" related to the management of the same apartment training school ( Tokyo Minato-ku, Tokyo) to the Osaka District Court for an injunction against the lesson. On the production side, the first oral argument of the day showed a stance of contesting that "the lesson practice does not violate the condominium management agreement".

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"Women do not approve full members" To the golf course correspondence talks on the Olympics venue | NHK News

Gintama · Jojo · Steel smel ... Criticism of casting "Weaving in": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Shunji Fujimura's death 82 years old Popularly nicknamed "Mr. Hyoi" with a light taste - Sponichi Annex Entertainment

"Replying to figure skating" Tomohiko Kozuka speaks, the determination of a new departure. - Figure Skating - Number Web - Number

Makito Sakai & Mitsuki Takahata, first co-star! Yamazaki Takaku's "Kamakura Monogatari" to "ALWAYS" Team Rally: Movie News - Movie .com

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Garrigali-kun Rich blackish-hearted new release! | Akagiri Milk

"Preliminary announcement" aged Riborous steak with meat dedicated wasabi "The premium heavy series" third volume! 【Mature ribbed steak heavy】 | Notice | Rice bowl and Kyoto udon no naka

(PDF file)【Matcha Day on February 6th】 A tea room embarking on cherry blossoms and "Matcha" in "The earliest cherry-blossom viewing in Japan" emerges! "Nescafe Dolce Gusto Uji Matcha An" for a limited time only! February 6 (Monday) - 8 (Wednesday) pleasantly enjoying "Uji Green Tea" brewed in "Nescafe Dolce Gasto": Tokyo · Nihonbashi Edo Sakura Dori Underground Path

New launch of sauce "Asian table sprinkling parachie" that can enjoy a rich flavor of mushrooms by merely putting on Shipment from February 17 (Friday) to the Kanto / Tokai / Kansai area Selling on the Internet mail order | Queepie

Lactic Acid Bacteria Enjoying with Snacks Lactic Acid Bacteria New Lake Ikebukuya 2nd "Lactobacillus Porincii" Combine lactic acid bacteria of 300 million * in 1 Pinkey ※ One lactobacillus (EC-12 strain) per 0.8 g of Pinkey Compounding more than 300 million

Feel free with one hand! Two new items are released at the same time | New Releases "Fried Pizza" "Margherita" & "Basil Chicken Gapa Style" 2/3 (Fri) | Press Releases | MINISTOP

Three types of flesh and melted purine colorful "Fruit Pudding Parfa" starting from February 3 (Friday) | Press Release | MINISTOP

Delicious Tokuhokoku is born! "Coca-Cola Plus" New release in the whole country from March 27 (Monday): The Coca-Cola Company

"Ebisu Sakura Design Can" is released (February 1, 2017) | News Release | Company Information | Sapporo Beer

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