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Collaboration campaign with anime "DRIFTERS (Drifters)" and 15 restaurants in Tokyo and Akihabara "Akihabara food camp 2016"Is held from November 25 (Friday). The 2nd shop & menu including the collaboration menu of Nobunaga Oda, Noriichi Nasuichi etc. will also be announced today and will be offered from December 2 (Friday), following the first announced first store and menu . When you eat at the target shop, it is a limited event that you get a special postcard of characters tailored to each store.

【2nd bullet】 Drifters' Akihabara diet 's team 2016' collaboration menu announced!
From December 2 (Fri), 6 shops including Shingo, Yoichi collaboration appeared! - Anime "Drifters" Official Website -


The first shop & menu that is being offered is "Tokyo Tonteki Yodobashi Akiba"Toyohisa" Meat eating! "Shimadzu family special donteki" (1500 yen),MEAT RUSH Yodobashi Akiba store"Wild bunch steak [280 g]" (1780 yen),Mango Terrace Cafe & Dining"October Organized Respect Olive Pancake" (1000 yen),Kyoto Katsura Yodobashi AKIBA"October Organization Honorable Harumi Katsumige" (1480 yen),Toyama black noodle house Iroha yodobashi Akiba store"Black King" ramen (1000 yen),Hamburg Restaurant barbecue"Snow storm big snowball burg" (1300 yen), Ramen Shiodome Maru chief Iwamoto cho shop "Shinsengishi Goryokaku Tanmen" (980 yen),Akihabara ν Rondebell"Cocktail" EASY "" (800 yen),Oil soba Akiba storeAll 9 stores of "Yoshitsune no Jito Oil Soba" (1000 yen).

The second newly announced store & menu,Suzui and Akihabara store"Trust is also very satisfying! Owariaki Hikaru Chazuke" (1580 yen),Darts UP Akihabara"Chicken meat pizza of Yenichi 10 million" (1000 yen), "Special cocktail" Genji Banzai "(1000 yen),Yakitori and Kushiwa Kaikai"Yakitori limited edition set with three people winged feathers" (750 yen),Broiled RamenAkihabara shop "Kanno style Bakayarou Connoyaro Bonin noodle" (1000 yen), Pasta Blue Berry "Roman Citadel pasta & wig strawberry lover Hannibal Grandpa's dessert set" (1280 yen),French cafeteria grapesIt is 6 stores of "Jeanne special flame meat lump grill" (1800 yen).

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Betta tread slope" I went to a place where the Esashima Ohashi looks like a wall - GIGAZINE

Why sapphire glass was not adopted for iPhone 6? - GIGAZINE

The Grand Prize is "Salmon Lemon", "Recipe 10 talked about this year with" Cookpad Award 2014 "is decided - GIGAZINE

What does the HTML link tag "href" stand for? - GIGAZINE

7 inch tablet "Kindle Fire HDX 7" with high image quality and high sound quality that can be obtained in the 2,000-yen range - Review - GIGAZINE

What to do when you can no longer cancel the lock screen of Android smartphone - GIGAZINE

"Geba letter font" which is free for commercial use but overwhelms the viewer and intimidates it - GIGAZINE

Ten great inventors who lost their lives by their invention - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
A map that divides Nara prefecture into two so that the population is roughly equal is topic ... "It really is troubles because it is really it" "Nara prefecture is Russia" - Togetter Summary

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
The truth of the Wakayama poison curry incident is that of a neighborhood family holding arsenic as forest house ... - Yahoo! Chiebukuro

Jun Kawai @ Kyoto University. Over the past few years we have analyzed the expert opinion of the curry case as part of our research. There was a person who informed me about this page of chiebukuro so I'd like to write a bit. I got a student to help me and I managed to register to Yahoo.

Recently (September 2016) I just submitted an opinion to the Wakayama District Court, but at the end of it the new truth pointed out by a series of expert opinion / opinions written by me (= KAWA) is unknown It is the fact that the real culprit who killed four people and motivated the injury to 63 people is uncontrolled while still holding arsenic acid of weapons.

The Foreign Correspondence Research Institute found that the composition of arsenic acid adhered to the paper cup which is said to have added arsenic acid to curry is different from the composition of arsenic acid possessed by H while the composition ratio obtained by chemical analysis is 100 I wrote in the magazine "Quarterly Criminal Defense" magazine No. 85 that it multiplied by 10,000 and plotted the logarithm (log) to make it appear as if it was the same. When plotting without folding with 1 million times, logarithm, etc., you can see that arsenic acid in paper cup has a distinct composition from that of possessing arsenious acid (posting a color figure on the last Croatian book ). "Quarterly Criminal Defense" serializes how to distinguish falsehood or fabricated expert witnesses in trials centering on Kalihi elementary cases, and how to distinguish them. This magazine is a magazine that lawyers read.

Beer bitterness, dementia prevention ... accumulated protein removal: science · IT: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Brothers theory to "wormhole" and "quantum entanglement": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Australian "backpacker tax" 15% reduction compromise Farmers and other repulsion photos 1 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Hakata station front again Road seven centimeters deep into the road closed | NHK News

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Reading attention】 suspicion of cruelty and topical abuses of cats kept by Mr. Rensaki - livedoor blog

Employee's salary deprived in front of employee dormitory "Employee's salary inside" | NHK News

The experiences of the evacuation hometown of the bullying who continued even in the cram school, the parties reveal: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【Core of Impact Crime】 "Existence of sexual intercourse" Dorodor's lawsuit at the issue "Is not my child!" Surprising evidence that the former wife brought out against the legitimacy of the plaintiff (1 / 4page) - Sankei WEST

One day, I was amazed to see my family register. The unknown name was listed as his "eldest daughter". A man in his 30s who lives in West Japan, broke up with his wife a few months ago. By presumption of illegitimacy of Article 772 of the Civil Code, girls who gave birth after the divorce were divorced as their own children. The man alleged "to deny" legitimacy to the family court "I am not a child." From the "trauma" when I met my first son 's birth, the reason is that the couple' s sexual life has been constantly gone. On the other hand, the former ex-wife objections that "I was doing sexual activities" in a certain document. "The presence or absence of sexual life" became an issue that became an issue. Girls' fathers are united.

Hyogo Injury Lethality: Pushing on a railroad crossing by motorcycle Collision Death Juvenile partial denial - Mainichi Newspaper

Nagoya High Court: Reversing to the Mayor of Minokamo Cash Receiving Cash with Confined Water Purification Facility - Mainichi Newspaper

Cabinet approval rate rises to 60% - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Idol who is traveling alone on stand alone, Keep an eye out for Kiyomi: Tokyo Beer Club

We support comfortable and pleasant winter camp debut. All-in-one wood stove set "First Maki-chan" released. | Beads Corporation | be-s.co.jp
Basic Pack Plus

【Rakuten Ichiba】 Annual ranking in 2016 | 30th ranking & items that ranked in TOP 30 of all 32 genres is released at once!
1st place: BOTANIST Botanical Shampoo / Treatment, 2nd: Crystal Geyser (500ml × 48 bottles), 3rd place: Medalist One Day Plus 90 Sheets Pack 2 Box Set

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Confrontation between double braided tea ceremony and Hario's metal coffee filter 'Cafe all dripper'.

"The story of a company who got only a new graduate of communication strong" is horrible - Togetter Summary

A strange exhibition on the human body and a corpse exhibition: philosophy news nwk

Ice-caught 5,000 fish in the skating rink "Cruticism" criticism successively: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Fish 5 thousand ice pickled link closing "criminal" criticized, Kitakyushu - Nishinippon Shimbun

Japanese university self-destructs in 'busyness' - Furui Sadahi | WEBRONZA - Asahi Newspaper

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
"Programmer right? Create a homepage!" In one day - Qiita

SmartEstate realizes "Fully automatic transaction of real estate". We also offer smart lock free of charge. | Press Release of SHIFT Corporation

Translation that DeNA which is burning with Welq (Welq) has to do this business. DeNA's dilemma seen in the account statement. - TOKO PROJECT

Medical Web site "WELQ (Welq)" I went through a teacher red pen! It is! The mistake is Zorozoro! It is! | Gokono Clinic | Director's Blog

Just look at Welk's article for just a moment, medical personnel judge it as zero reliability

Is the content of health related information site correct? Recently prominent irresponsible WELQ "Kokoro and body" thorough check (anger)! It is! | Gokono Clinic | Director's Blog

"WELQ" which is a textbook of the heart and body which the question of medical staff ejects only in the first few lines, medical information site where the responsibility of the sentence is completely unknown. We strongly urge you to go through even if "WELQ (Welq)" is displayed while searching.

Accusation from former welq writer: Cloud Works critic "Trade union Maku Tachi?"

Finally, I will write the impression about welq.
It would be better to stop publishing.
At the very least, it is better not to let people in the world read it until the examiner's checks are over and a "success" is issued.
Because I think that it will be noticed in about 3 minutes when you visit welq at random, but here there is no intention to "contribute to society by providing information."
The only purpose is to increase the number of searches on Google and Yahoo and raise advertisement revenue.
Welq's article is not even "content that attracts visitors".
Welq's article is "just arrange words that are often typed into the search screen".
On that basis, it was confirmed again that harmful information was mixed in this time.
It is natural course of action as a highly social company with a professional baseball team that will stop publishing instantly.
In terms of the risk of health damage, you should follow food manufacturers who voluntarily collect food contaminated with foreign substances.

【Think of it as one item of Welq】 Low-quality summary article narrows down the marketer's head - Tech memo of girls WEB engineer

Introduction of two "proper medical media" and swamp of medical site seen from amateur - future memory

Throwing out MacBook Pro, buying Thinkpad T460s and putting gentoo - joker 1007's diary

I was asked for repair that the computer screen blacked out. If I tried "simple discharge", I recovered easily - Shiitake mushroom

Advanced cyber attacks to allow invasion by GSDF, Information leakage - Nishinippon Shimbun

Why does manufacturing of IT not progress in the manufacturing industry? ~ Investing money properly: From the time consultant's diary

I made LINE BOT of idol face identification - too long memo

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
"People eating Ogre Toriko" Introduction video - YouTube

Frame Arms · Girl, decided to animate! Broadcast started in 2017! It is! - YouTube

TV Animation "Kuz no Honko" 1st Animation PV - YouTube

Prime Minister Abe to disseminate "Hatsune Miku" to the world at the Japan Expo

"In one corner of this world" is an excellent "youkai" movie! Ethologists saw this (Hatanaka Akihiro) | Modern business | Kodansha (1/4)

The first episode FRESH! Story that was made foolishly by joining the cup - chomosh's blog

A person who lost to me without luck on the first day was also saying, "I was sorry that I was not able to use the deck for delivery and I wanted to show it with delivery." Some people decided to join because they are delivered, and since I will be delivered, I will not be the only one who prepared for that. Some people may have announced just to let themselves deliver. It was a response that I could not think that I respect time, intention, remarks, and so on.

That's not all. If you notice it is beautiful and it has disappeared cleanly as if the prize (under consideration) that matched the prize of the event summary page did not exist from the beginning. There is no statement to the participants.

It would be nice to have no prize money. Even though there is a desire to put out prizes, there may be occasions when it is forced to abandon due to legal difficulties. Nevertheless, you should explain in the public about what you have caught the player with the prize money, or about what you intentionally caught as if you did not do anything Is not it? Four of the four people who actually remained on the second day said that they wrote "participating in seeing prize money".

I will not do it after all, we can catch if you flick your bait, in fact it is not supposed to get angry without bait, that is what seems to be a cheap fish that can catch well.

Idol animation for girls and idol animation for men A pretty girl 's design seen from it - I want to shake while watching anime

Code Geass's 10th anniversary project official website

Theatrical Feature Collection "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" All three chapters made!
"Code Geass Resurrection Lelouch" Planning Start !!

Thank you for waiting! "Gintama" New series Broadcast time determination! It is! - TV Tokyo · Hitonare Gintama

TV Tokyo · TV Hokkaido · TV Aichi · TV Setto · TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting
January 8 (Sun) midnight 1:35 -

TV Osaka
January 9 (Monday) midnight 1: 5 -

Precure series, 14th year rush! It is! It is! In the spring of 2017, the 14th "Precure" series starts! Title is "Kirakira ☆ Pretty Cure Ara Mode" | Press Releases | Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Fuziano Okayama supporter who cheered on rain alwin and cheered himself as hot topic: Domestica blog

Takehiro Sei "Technology is beyond expectations" Impression of Liga Espanola: footballnet [Football summary]

【Official】 "Koi Dance" Hino + Ya-san + Natsuki + Yuzu ver. & Episode 8 Preorder 11/29 (Tuesday) "Run away is shameful but useful" [TBS] - YouTube

Tonkatsu Q & amp; A "In a corner of this world" | Character blog of homepage creation service "Goupe" "Tonkatsu classroom"

Baseball cats: The regular batting unachieved best eight

MLB NEWS: 12 teams finally registered 30 homers or more helpers wwwwwwwwww

【Anno Hideaki listening to the director · With movies】 What is impossible to overlap with Shin · Godzilla? Now to the latest work of Evangelion ... (1/5 page) - Sankei news

ASKA former defendant arrested suspicion of using stimulant himself 110th Metropolitan Police Department - Sankei news

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Nissin-baked soba U.F.O. Extra thick taste preference baked machine × 2 mayonnaise" (December 12 release) | Nissin Food Group

News Releases | News Release | Corporate Information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

Notice of "Vertical Big Miso Butter Ramen Ramen" New Release | News Release | Corporate Information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

Happy Turn Cream de Happy

Happy turn happy strawberry taste

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