Fujitsu's subsidiary Nifty sells Consumer business to Nojima

Fujitsu, a leading home appliance maker, will develop it at its subsidiary NiftyInternet service providerAnnounced that it will sell consumer-oriented business centered on consumer electronics (ISP) to Nojima at home electronics mass retailers.

About Nifty's restructuring: Fujitsu

About Nifty's restructuring | News Release | Nifty Corporation: If it is Nifty, it will surely come true. With Us, You Can.

Notice concerning acquisition of shares of subsidiary company which succeeded Nifty Corporation's consumer business by absorption split

According to the announcement, Fujitsu spun off the business for consumers, mainly ISP, while leaving the business for enterprises centered on nifty cloud, and by April 2017 all the shares of the new company will be sold for 25 billion yen at Nojima I will sell it. Upon spinning off, the new company mainly in the cloud will be reborn as "Fujitsu Cloud Technologies Corporation", and "Nifty" will disappear from the company name. On the other hand, the new company whose business is based on the former Niftei's ISP business remains "Nifty Corporation" as its company name, and its shares will be 100% Nojima as of April 1, 2017.

In 1968, 31 years ago, Fujitsu established a joint venture with a major trading company in Nifty, and in 1996 started as a service as an ISP, which is a pioneer in this field.According to NHK, Although the current number of members is about 1.34 million, it is said that the reason for selling is that the number of new subscribers is stagnating due to the spread of smartphones.

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