A photographer taking a picture of the "mountain of water" where waves collide violently in the lake in the hurricane

Dave Stanford, a photographer who continues to photograph the horrifyingly beautiful 'mountain of water' produced by the collision of waves in Canada's Erie Lake, which creates violent waves to bring out many dead people. A documentary movie that follows how Stanford shoots and why he keeps shooting in harsh environments is released on YouTube.

Photographing Liquid Mountains | That's Amazing - YouTube

The following pictures at first glance appear as pictures of waves in the ocean, but in reality they were taken at Erie Lake in Canada.

Photographed by Dave Stanford, a photographer from Ontario, Canada. Previously, Mr. Stanford said that he saw people who were surprised that "This is not a picture of the sea" before the photograph of the lake that he shot.

Mr. Stanford waits for the lake to be perfect for shooting, and goes into the cold water as it heads towards the intense wind.

Lake Erie is located in the city of London, Ontario, Canada.

Erie Lake is located in the southern part of Ontario,Great LakesIt is the smallest lake in the world.

Also, it is said that the depth of the lake is shallow.

Despite being named "Great Lakes", Lake Erie, which is relatively small and shallow, creates unique waves. The interval between waves and waves is narrow, and the white foam waves are very intense.

It is said that the violence of the waves has destroyed 8000 ships in the past.

Because there are many dead people Erie lakeWidow · manufacturerIt is said that it is also called.

The following is Stanford's work tool.

"For photographers against nature, the most important thing is patience," Stanford said.

When Mr. Stanford first posted a picture of Lake Erie on the Internet, it seems that several comments were attached when I got home. That number is not comparable to what Stanford will receive when posting ordinary photos, and many said that they had "Like" on them.

Mr. Stanford out of the house wearing a wet suit.

It is still a dark time of the morning that I started. Psychological preparations are necessary for shooting, so the actual day has started since the moment you woke up the day you decide to shoot.

Looking at the state of the lake before the sun rises ... ...

The waves were splashed up.

Although the weather is constantly changing, among the elements of weather, the most important thing for Stanford's shooting is the speed and direction of the wind. It seems that the wind suitable for shooting blows in the middle of October to the first half of December.

The wind from the southwest is the best, at least 30 miles per hour is required.

It seems that it will be against the wind of the hurricane level of maximum 70 mph (about 113 km) per hour.

With a strong wind, a huge "mountain of water" that is close to 10 meters will be born.

Mr. Stanford entering the lake.

The point that the wave of Erie Lake differs from the waves of the sea is that several waves come in sets. And the wave is always broken, the time it takes for one wave to pass through and the next wave to arrive is only 2 - 2.5 seconds.

Stanford says what it is in the lake as "in a huge washing machine."

Water seems to be cold enough that there is a time when ice is floating, often thinking "What is he doing?"

"Because water is so powerful and deceives people, you must pay great respect." "Because waves are much more powerful than humans, it is important to know your limits," Stanford said.

Mr. Stanford's place to shoot is near the quay. We will shoot "mountain of water" that bumps against the wave that is bumping against the quay and reflected waves.

These are the pictures of 'Mountains of water' born with waves hit from two directions. Sometimes it hits directly in front of you, sometimes two waves hit, twisted, bounced back, and it has various shapes. The time until the mountain of water is born and disappears is only about 1 second.

Mr. Stanford sees that moment.

Mr. Stanford's picture is an online news site'sThe Washington PostIn addition to being handled in many media,On the websitePhotographs are also being sold.

"One of the desires from my heart is to be able to appreciate my photographs that" Because there is nature people can get something ", and that I love, value and protect nature It is to become able to learn. "Stanford said.

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