Variety of playful "Easter eggs" filled with Gossicky cathedrals and secretly hidden

It is important to keep playful and hidden messages in computer software, based on customs of Christianityeaster eggIt is called. In general it is an easter egg recognized as a software term, but there seems to be sometimes hidden in the cathedral and the church which are supposed to be venerable.

Five Architectural Easter Eggs Hiding on Gothic Cathedrals | Atlas Obscura

◆ Czech Republic · Church of Brno
On the window facing the south of the St. James church in Brno is engraved a sculpture of a dual headed dwarf with an ass attached as follows. It is said to be based on the legend about two dwarfs, which also relates to the 'competition' of the church and the adjacent cathedral. The two buildings are competing for the height of the spire of each other, it seems that the church is winning with a difference of about 9 meters. And after the game was decided, the decoration that aimed the ass toward the cathedral from the church of the winning side was added. The gloomy decoration that is seen occasionally in the Gothic style seems to be added as playfulness.

◆ Jacobin Monastery in Toulouse, France
It is said that Jacobin Abbey in a place slightly entering the street from the square in the center of the city center of Toulouse is known for some decorative items, one of which is "this man who was crushed by the pillar" It is a decoration of. At the base of the pillar just behind the altar is the tip of both the wrist and the tip of both feet carved at the base of the pillar but it is unknown why this was made, There are also many tour guides.

◆ Washington Cathedral in Washington DC, USA
The sixth largest Washington cathedral in the United States where many tourists visit is known for its luxurious interior decoration. In fact, there are many visitors who can notice the wonderful architecture, in fact it is made in a part with a sculpture that shaped Darth Vader's head quietly appearing in the movie "Star Wars".

◆ Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy
This cathedral, famous for its luxurious decoration, is engraved with sculptures carving the head of the cow. Although it is said that the exact origin is still unknown, in a passage, the resentment of the mason which was involved in the construction of the cathedral is engraved. The shopkeeper of a famous shop in the field knew that masonry fell into an affair relationship with his wife and appealed to the church and ended the relationship. It seems that there is a legend stating that the stone masonry that remains to be left reminds the shop owner his presence forever by carving the head of the cow in the direction facing the shop.

◆ Basilica of Salamanca, Spain
Astronauts are engraved on the walls of the cathedral in Salamanca, the city of Spain. This was newly established in 1992 when the restoration work of the cathedral was done, and it seems that the appearance of the dragon which eats ice cream, Ooyama cat, cattle, crayfish etc. are carved in addition to this is.

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