A church where huge tits can be seen

"Statue of Mary carrying tears of bloodVarious miracles may occur in the church as represented, but in huge there is a miracle that is not as good as these happen in the church in San Francisco. I wonder if there have never been any miracles that feel the mystery, maternity and love of this universe.

Details are below.
Topless Peepshow on Display Daily at SF Church | NBC Bay Area

The church which became the stage of the miracle is San Francisco'sCathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption

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A shadow of huge boobs appears on the outer wall of the cathedral at a fixed time in the morning and evening twice a day.

It is no longer part of the landscape

It is a picture from the point about 2 km away, but I feel that motherhood that spreads out

This hugeness seen from anywhere in the city. What a miracle.

"It seems to be the best feeling at around 2 pm".

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