Scientists who inject new DNA into their bodies and research new methods of anti-aging

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In the world of genetic research, rapid progress has been made in recent years, and technology for recombining the structure of DNA that preserves genetic information is freely established. It is a human who freely manipulates the DNA which is also said to be "the area of ​​God" freely, but from that it is a research aiming at slowing the body's aging by putting another DNA in my body using another technique There are scientists who do their own.

One Man's Quest to Hack His Own Genes

Employees are only one company "Butterfly Sciences"60-year-old man, Branan Hanley, who set up at Davis, California, repeated the experiment of injecting and absorbing another gene into his body. Mr. Hanley, who is also a doctor of microbiology, puts the DNA "designed" by himself, asking a professional trader to put it in his own body in a special way, studying whether a certain hormone is secreted as expected It is said that it is promoting.

In the method, injection of DNA by injection and addition of electricity to the body pierce the cell membrane and send DNA into the cellElectroporation, Or a method called "electroporation". When doing the operation, Mr. Hanley lies in the bed, another doctor who is in charge puts the DNA in the thigh of Mr. Hanley by injection and then applies an electric current from the electrode, trying to let the DNA literally take in the body.

Mr. Hanley is doing this research to seek anti-aging, a way to delay aging. Generally, in order to keep youth as little as possible against the aging of the body, it is necessary to inject growth hormone, adopt "fullerene" which is said to have antioxidant power, or more easily supplements such as vitamins Although taking a method such as taking medicine, taking a method such as Mr. Hanley is a method to make more secretion of growth hormone that retards aging on its own body.

In conducting this experiment, Mr. Hanley said that he invested personal property. Prepare materials based on knowledge as a scientist, perform blood tests, obtain approval from the local ethics committee, conduct injection once each in 2015 and 2016 and investigate the change I will.

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Mr. Hanley's "experiment" attracted the attention of many researchers, Mr. Hanley's blood was provided as samples to several research institutions and analysis is being done. Mr. Hanley is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for conducting this experiment. Normally, approval by the authorities is required when applying new drugs or gene therapy to patients. Although Mr. Hanley said that he was urged to actually apply the IND (application for investigational drug) to officials of the authorities, Mr. Hanley does not need approval as it is unnecessary in the case of self experiments that do not affect the public We are carrying out the experiment in.

When manipulating DNA, a method of transferring information using some viruses is used. Meanwhile Mr. Hanley is using electroporation using electric current. In this method, a hole is drilled in the cell wall by applying an electric current, and a cyclic DNA molecule called a plasmid is injected into the cell. The plasmid that entered inside does not coalesce with the original chromosome but exists in the state of being floating in the cell nucleus. And if gene information is written in plasmid, production of certain protein will start. Although this effect is temporary, it is expected that effect will last for several weeks to several months from injection.


Mr. Hanley is considered to raise immunity based on experiments using cattleGrowth hormone releasing hormone(GHRH) is secreted in the body, aiming at slowing the body's aging as a result.

In fact Mr. Hanley's blood is said to have analyzed that an increase in GHRH level has been confirmed in the body, but it is said that it is premature to confirm that it is effective with this Stages and things. Mr. Hanley said that he is showing a policy aiming for further research and commercialization with funds from investors and others.

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