Why do you call software patches "patch (patch)"?

An update program that updates and corrects defects and actions of software and OS is called a "patch", but a tweet that knows why it is called "patch" meaning "cloth for splicing" is posted, It attracts attention.

The above tweet is the first American electromechanical calculator "Harvard Mark IIt was taken of a paper program sheet which was used for. Because reading the punched holes and calculating, if you make a mistake in the place to empty the holes, you really need to put "cloth" on the program sheet, fill the hole, make holes in the correct place and correct the program That's why.

The patch of cloth later became "magnetic tape", software developers in times when removable disk drives became popular,floppy diskYaCD-ROMI was dealing with it by mailing it as a patch. Ultimately, as the Internet became widely available, users were able to download patches from developers' websites, and automatic updating of Apple's "Mac OS 9" and Microsoft's "Windows ME" OS started Starting with, it is said that automatic updating of software has been done as a modern "patch".

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