10 years since the birth of the iPhone, CEO Cook to the revolutionary iPhone "comment has not yet reached the best"

Steve Jobs who is now dead at "Macworld 2007" held in San Francisco on January 9, 2007, said that "This is the day that I am waiting for two and a half years today ..." along with the story We announced the first iPhone which is not an overstatement even if it said that it decided a subsequent smartphone, including a presentation. Ten years have passed since that day on January 9, 2017, Apple has announced a press release commemorating the tenth anniversary of the birth of the iPhone.

IPhone at ten: the revolution continues - Apple

Mr. Jobs officially announced the iPhone as a "touch-controllable wide screen iPod, revolutionary mobile phone, Internet communication device that achieves dramatic evolution" in the presentation. Mr. Jobs said that "iPhone re-invents the phone", but due to the spread of smartphones after that, the merit of having the Internet in hand, and the lives of many people due to the development of the application There should have been not many people who were able to predict exactly how to change to the same extent.

IPhone 7 announced in 2016 with the original iPhone. Although the size of the screen and the main body have changed according to the times, we can see that the basic design of the screen and body design has not surprisingly changed.

Cook said in the release: "The iPhone has become an important part of the customer's life, now it has redefined people's communication, entertainment, work and life way more than ever before.Iphone In the first 10 years I made a standard for mobile computing, but this has only just begun, I have not reached what I can say is still the best, "and commented on content that will predict further evolution in the future I am talking.

On Wayback Machine, which archives numerous websites, Apple 's page on January 11, 2007 two days after iPhone announcement is saved.

Apple - iPhone

Mr. Jobs' presentation at Macworld can see the full story in the following movies.

[HD] Steve Jobs - iPhone Introduction in 2007 (Complete) - YouTube

It is also reported that shipments of iPhones are on a downward trend with peaks at the beginning of 2016. It seems that there is a drop in the number of sales in China and a worldwide downturn in the background, but it is interesting to see how the growth of the iPhone in 10 years will change in the future.

The descent of iPhone / iPad / Mac sales can not stop - GIGAZINE

There are a lot of companies related to computers in the world, but Mr. Jobs with Apple and the day were keenly concerned not only the technology but also the impact on the lives of the people ahead Was it given? Also, as people are connected to the Internet anytime and anywhere with smartphones including the iPhone, a new world has come to be born in terms of living, work, and industry, and people no longer can imagine life without a smartphone There should not be too many.

Cook CEO says "iPhone does not reach the best" What kind of evolution will the iPhone evolve in the future and influence people's lives, it is interesting not only for iPhone users.

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