A movie that unravels from Disney's editing scene how the role played by "editing" differs from animation and live-action movie "How Do You Edit an Animated Film?"

In order to make a good movie it is essential to create a good image, which requires excellent "editing". However, it is said that the role of live action and animation playing is quite different even if it is just editing work. What is the role of editing in Disney's animation production is explained in the movie "How Do You Edit an Animated Film?".

How Do You Edit an Animated Film? - YouTube

In the 1980'sMichael EisnerBecame CEO of Disney ... ...

Since Jeffrey Cassenberg got the top of the motion picture division, the story of Disney's animation production site was to be overwhelmed.

At that time the concept of animation editing work was not common and there was a skeptical voice in the production site for editing animation.

However, Caseberg repeated "It is a foolish idea that anything should be editable." And now it is clear that he was right.

What you need to edit animation is different from that of ordinary editing work.

Short shots are drawn as animation, clipped, and ordered in order.

However, the editor of the animation is asked more than what the general editors are asked for.

That work is one of the tremendously long-lasting tasks in the whole production, the most intensive role.

"The production of live actions (live actions) is first taken and edited later, but animation production is the first thing to edit and then shoot," responsible for editing Cars and Toy Story 3 "Said Ken Shretsmann.

Before actual animation is taken, it often takes 2 years after planning and editing.

Unlike live action, the animation editing department is not separated from the main manufacturing department.

The editing department plays an important role as a key to film production.

It is not a one-way work like just animating a written script.

Many people's ideas are cast before the work that becomes the goal from the base story is completed and it is reflected in animation.

The ideas submitted are incorporated into the picture storyboard, and animators drop into the picture.

Also, voice and BGM will be put on the storyboard.

First thoughts, talks, pictures are drawn and redrawn many times.

Scenes are cut off again, and a series of redoing. The second person is closer to the ideal than the first one, but it is not enough yet.

"Editing live actions is a task of" cleanup "

"But editing animation is a wider task of control."

"The editor's hand has been given a creative process all the time"

Editing live actions is the last task of shaping, shooting is the first principle, and editing is set aside.

Editing animation is the opposite of this.

The editor's voice is pushed out and leads so that the picture is in the best condition.

"About 15 patterns of ideas are probably issued, of which two or three are actually drawn as pictures, eventually becoming one of the simplest animations," said Andrew Weslam, editor of Fantastic Mr. FOX "He says.

When shooting a certain scene, it is important with live actions, but it is not a big problem with animation.

When the scene is decided ......

Through the layout ......

It becomes animation.

Even with just a few seconds of additional scenes, you can achieve a big job.

The way of editing with animation and live action is totally different, but whether it is a live action or animation, there is no difference in the important role given to the editing "bring out touch".

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