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Coal-fired power plants that emit more carbon dioxide than other power generation facilities,New plans are underway in JapanHowever, it tends to be shut down in developed countries that promote reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. However, the coal-fired power plant in India recovers the discharged carbon dioxide at a low cost, further uses bicarbonate to produce baking soda, and it seems to be a model case for a new coal-fired power plant that breaks existing molds is.

Indian firm makes carbon capture breakthrough | Environment | The Guardian

A Coal-Fired Power Plant in India Is Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Baking Soda

Regular coal-fired power plants,AmineWe used the substance such as solvent as a solvent to recover carbon dioxide which was discharged, but this method was regarded as requiring support from the government as enormous money is required.

ByDaniel Spiess

However, the coal-fired power plant in Tuticorin, India uses carbon dioxide as a new solvent developed by a company called Carbonclean. The solvent developed by Carbonclean has less energy consumption and lower corrosiveness than amines and the like, and since the recovery equipment can be small, it seems that construction costs can be reduced more than before.

Tuticorin coal power plant.

Tuticorin's coal-fired power plants emit about sixty-six thousand tons of carbon dioxide annually, and the discharged carbon dioxide is used to produce sodium bicarbonate. This power generation facility is so great that it is going to be the first case in the world, because it is carrying out the collection of carbon dioxide to the production of sodium bicarbonate without government subsidy.

MIT Technology Review praises that the success of Tuticorin's coal-fired power plant will be a hopeful star for the clean-and-call industry promoting low-impact coal utilization technology. The merit of reducing the cost of recovering carbon dioxide by just modifying existing facilities instead of making new equipment will be a promising target for coal-fired power plants where global environmental impacts such as global warming are uncertain maybe.

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