Wearable device "Proof" notifying how long you are drunk, when you will be a chirafu

Fun liquor drinks too much, and you may get drunk while yourself do not understand. Such a wearable device that will prevent "drinking too much" which is difficult to be aware of by myself is "Proof"is. Just wearing a bracelet type device detects alcohol concentration in the blood from the skin, notifies the smartphone before drinking too much, and it can calculate until the time it takes for alcohol to drink out of the body .

Proof Wearable

Proof is a bracelet type wearable device that tracks blood alcohol level (BAC level) by reading alcohol molecules from the skin.

The mechanism for reading alcohol molecules is based on disposable cartridges patent pending. An enzyme-based electrochemical sensor is carried in the cartridge, and accurate blood alcohol concentration can be detected by converting alcohol into an electric current. The main body can be used for up to 4 days from the state of full charge, 12 hours tracking is possible with one cartridge.

Because the bracelet part is a soft and soft finish, it will monitor drinking too much without discomfort even if you are wearing it at the party.

In a special application, it is possible to set to warn you when a specific blood alcohol concentration is reached, and to check how long you will drunk from now on. There may be cases where alcohol is left behind when you drink the next morning, but the application also has a function to predict when you can safely drive. In addition, there is also a friend function that can not be used unless you invite, you can also check the blood alcohol concentration of the person who approved the invitation with the application.

In addition, Proof plans to implement a crowdfunding campaign in 2017 and said that the price is assumed to be about 100 dollars (about 11,000 yen) to 150 dollars (about 17,600 yen).

Alcohol-sensing wearable wants to tell you how drunk you are

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