What is "Alcohol Detection System" DADSS "to eliminate drunk driving?

The painful accident that an innocent person loses his life by a malicious driver who drives a car after drinking is not going down. To prevent accidents caused by drunk driving, in the United States, an alcohol detection system for discriminating whether or not a driver is drinking alcohol "Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS)The development of "is progressing. What system is DADSS to prevent drunk driving is published on YouTube.

Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety - Technology Overview - YouTube

Systems that realize safe driving such as automatic brake function and lane keep function appear one after another, and cars are evolving day by day.

Under such circumstances, a system "DADSS" has been devised to determine whether the driver is not drinking in a short time of less than 1 second.

In all 50 states in the United States, driving under the condition that blood alcohol concentration is 0.08% or more is prohibited by law as drunk driving. This is a much more generous standard than Japan which is punished as drunk driving with over 0.15 mg per liter of expired gas.

In the United States, alcohol consumption under the age of 21 is prohibited by law. However, accidents caused by drunk driving drivers under 21 years of age will not stop. It is one of the major objectives of DADSS to zero this drunk driving under this age of 21.

DADSS consists of two kinds of systems, "BREATH - BASED SYSTEM" (breath alcohol detection system) and "TOUCH BASED SYSTEM (contact alcohol detection system)".

The breath alcohol detection system absorbs the breath of the driver from the door and handle stem ... ...

Analyze breath by infrared.

Utilizing the fact that the amount of infrared rays absorbed by carbon dioxide and alcohol is different, we calculate the amount of alcohol ingested by detecting each proportion.

If it is judged that the alcohol level is high ...

A warning message will be displayed on the instrument panel.

Since you can target only the exhalation brought by the driver, you do not need to worry about malfunction even if the person in the passenger seat is drunk.

Contact alcohol detection system is attached to shift knob and ignition button to detect alcohol.

When the finger touches the detector, the blood alcohol concentration is immediately measured.

Irradiate the skin with near-infrared light to read the spectrum and detect blood ethanol concentration.

DADSS is being developed as an assist technology to enhance safety, such as automatic braking system for collision avoidance.

United States Department of Transportation Highway Road Traffic Safety AdministrationNHTSA) With representatives of industry associationsA study meeting on DADSS program is underway. According to Anthony Fox of the Minister of Transportation, "There are 10,000 deaths from traffic accidents caused by drunk driving, and education and awareness reform are important to prevent drunk driving, There are possibilities that more lives can be saved by advanced technology like DADSS, "he emphasizes the need to technically prevent drunk driving. NHTSA and industry associations are planning to complete research and development necessary for DADSS within 5 years.

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