If you go to a shrine for the New Year's visit, you will want to pay attention to the stone guard dog

The elephant's face of IndiaGod's Fang called GaneshaIt was broken. If Hinduism follows French and pronounces H by pronouncing it, it will be closer to "Indian" and Japanese India. The secret is hidden as things that were taken for granted. It was the same as a stone guard dog in the shrine.

Happy New Year.Takuya SAITO who made a round of the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. Thank you again this year. I would like to write an article that makes 2017 say you all. Because it is such a thing, I took up about the guardian guardian who was a little concerned.

Guardian dog
I think that many people went to the shrine during the New Year 's visit in 2017. Two guys standing to face the shrine. Yes, it is a lion dog. In the ancient India, the shrine dedicated to "Lion" began. It was transferred to Japan as a lion, but somehow it changed to a dog on the way and it reaches to now. Sphinx, Merlion, Shisa and other lion-like friends are mostly friends. It has the same origin.

Do you know that the shapes of the two mouths are different, although it is a lion dog?

One mouth is open and the other is closed.

The guardian dog of the shrine is a pair of two and is in the form of "Aun". The way the mouth is open is called "Acho", the person whose mouth is closed is called "吽 形 (う ん ぎ ょ う)." Ah is the word of Buddhism, "Ah" starts with mouth and breathes in, "吽 (yea)" closes her mouth and exhales and finishes, and in two, "All things "Is shown. Besides breathing, it is a deep word including the meaning of the first "a" to the last "50" of the 50 sounds. This word was derived from what we call breath-matching two people "a friend of morning" "breathing of your aunt".

◆ Asakusa Shrine
Because there were too few pictures to show examples, I extended to Asakusa, near the current address (Nihonbashi).

Speaking of Asakusa is famous for Asakusa.

However, there is a shrine called Asakusa Shrine next to the main hall.

As it is a shrine, a guardian dog was enshrined.

On the left side is a 吽 shape closed with a mouth.

The right side is an ape with a mouth opened.

In addition, two guardian dogs are enshrined in front of the shrine.

Also on the left side facing here is a 吽 shape closed its mouth.

The right side was an ape with a mouth open.

As expected, I was in the shape of an opaque.

◆ Other than a lion dog
The shape of this Aki is not limited to just lion-dogs.

It was Shisa of Okinawa who knew the Aki in the meaning of Buddhism "all of all things". Two pairs of shisars were surely as opaque as to say.

You can check its appearance in this article as well.

In Okinawa it is full enough that Shisa is laughable, its appearance and facial expressions vary widely - GIGAZINE

Likewise, the Ryugaku of Okinawa is also in the shape of Aki.

Two statues were enshrined in the main gate of the temple named Minamikombo in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture. It is the fifty-fifth badge of the Shikoku eighty-eighth place of the temple.

Ohnokuten on the left side looks like Ahen who opened her mouth.

The multitude of Rakuten on the right is a closed shape with a mouth closed.

Speaking of Asakusa's symbol, this is Kaminarimon. Thunder gods and wind gods were enshrined here.

The thunder god on the left side is a umbrella whose mouth is closed.

Fujinjin on the right was breathing Aki with two bodies here, with Apert that opened her mouth.

Even if it is a guardian dog, there are many forms such as 吽 shape whose mouth is closed on the left, fundamental principle towards the other, and Aucho with a mouth opened on the right.

◆ In overseas?
Last year I traveled abroad a bit after Okinawa. I was looking there as well.

Both of these lions that I often found in China are open mouth.

However, the lion who was in front of the department store was breathing stunning Aki.

These two bodies that I saw in Mongolia are slightly different in their mouths. How is that?

◆ Aku request
Well then will you go for a first laugh of the New Year? Imagining the composition of Ayu of a character like the following she was grinning by herself.

Mickey and Minnie.

Fukui's Peko-chan and Poco-chan. Peco who put out his tongue is a figure of Aki who opened his mouth in a sense.

I want Sato, elephant, Satoko to also pawn.

Shin Godzilla became a hot topic last year. I would like to see the scenery where such two Godzilla lines lie, with Aya that radiates heat rays and a closed shape with a mouth.

Besides, I feel something hot in the composition of the dolls such as the inside and back of the Hinamatsuri and the dolls, the star Kirby who inhales anything, the monkey's saying, the cry of Munk, megaphone, castanet and so on.

Although it was a joke, two pairs of objects, both domestic and foreign, are common scenes. If you see it somewhere, please check if it is not blurring. Let's touch all things.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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