What teachers and students should do to incorporate technology into school education

ByLucélia Ribeiro

For the students, the classroom is a "workplace", and from the idea that I want you to start learning "as a professional" job ", it is the head of Jefferson municipal high school in Missouri, USAShanna SchwarzerHe says he often uses the word "professional" when talking about the performance and behavior with his students. In Jefferson High School that emphasizes the autonomy of such students, we incorporate a lot of technologies such as devices and software in class, and on Google's blog, Schwarzer says "important things for teachers and students to incorporate technology into class" It is open to the public.

How teachers and students can develop learning skills for school - and beyond

◆ 1: By studentshelp deskTo install
A help desk for inquiries from customers and employees within the company is also required in the classroom. At Jefferson Municipal High School there is a class named "Helpdesk", where you will learn how to repair the devices you are using at school and how to fix it when the Wi-Fi network goes wrong. At the same time, students can learn how to respond to students and teachers who visit the help desk, and acquire communication skills that can be used in business.

The following is the state of help desk class.

Generation YESAre encouraging technology training for students, and teachers can refer to such a group's class plan in deciding the content of the lesson. Setting a help desk not only allows students to teach about technology but also allows students to solve the problem themselves, thus reducing the burden on the school side.

◆ 2: Monthly events for teachers "Technology Summit"
Jefferson Municipal High School says that teachers do not make teachers who are lagging behind in technology by doing the technology summit monthly. The Technology Summit says, "How to organize files within Google Drive"SAMRSuch as "Substitution / Substitution / Augmentation / Modification / Modification / Redefinition / Redefinition Model" for 45 minutes. Also, sometimes teachers surround the round table and discuss learning tasks and technology.

◆ 3: I will try anyway even if I fail
Not all students will be able to use technology at the same pace, but the use of technology in classes is done in the spirit of "try anyway". For example, one studentGoogle ClassroomI wanted to submit my homework on paper because I was beginning to use resistance and because I am "easy to do". However, if the teacher listens to this voice and delays using Google Classroom, they will lose the opportunity to get feedback from teachers and share ideas with their classmates using Google Classroom.

In addition, there was "Great evaluation by Google Classroom" as a big problem that I could not stand before the teacher. Evaluating students electronically using Google Classroom is difficult for teachers, and initially teachers at Jefferson Municipal High School did not use Google Classroom for evaluation. So, returning to "educating teachers", explain how evaluation done in Google Classroom has meaning and whether to eliminate paper work from teacher's tasks. It seems that the number of teachers doing evaluation of students on Google Classroom is increasing now.

Both students and teachers learn from mistakes and then make use of it. When there is a problem, it is important to talk over with confusion.

◆ 4: The teacher himself decides how to incorporate technology into class

ByDan Zen

How teachers use technology depends on subject matter and teacher's own preference. How to use Google Classroom One thing you can do is that some teachers use Google Classroom to post articles online and complement your classes, others as a tool for students to submit their homework using Google Classroom Some teachers are using. However, teachers who feel that Google Classroom as "easy to use" as a whole is increasing over time, and as of December 2016 some people are using it to share ideas with colleague teachers.

It is not an easy matter to settle the students overnight to "make students able to learn through their lives". The teacher thinks that it is important to train students for the students who will remember that they are in an important position in the students' life and will work in the workplace that uses technology on a daily basis is.

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