What is the dark service where you gain powerful hacking tools when participating in DDoS attacks and earning points?

"Turning the service into a non-functional state by giving a large amount of processing load from a plurality of machines to the target computer through the network"DDoS attack"Is exaggerating all over the world. We are hiring hackers to participate in such DDoS attacks, giving points according to their participation in attacks, exchanging the accumulated points with hacking tools to expand the scale of attacks and are launching DDoS attacks all over the world A darkness service has been discovered.

Turkish Hackers Are Giving Away Prizes For Participating In DDoS Attacks

The Turkish dark site called "Sath-ı Müdafaa (English version," Surface Defense ")" requests Turkish domestic hackers to participate in DDoS attacks and uses an anonymous communication networkTorWe distribute through. Surface Defense distributes the tool for DDoS named "Balyoz", and if downloaded hacker signs in to the tool, it is made to be able to participate in the attack by choosing the site where DDoS attack is laid. The target site includes Kurdish Labor Party (PKK), military organization People's Defense Force (HPG), radio stations and television stations for Kurdish people.

When participating in the attack with Balyoz, the amount of traffic that participants sent to the target site is aggregated, and points dedicated to Surface Defense are given according to the amount of traffic. Point accumulated by Surface Defense is adopted as a point exchange system that can be exchanged for other DDoS attack tools and other hacking tools such as cheat tool which puts click costing service in automatic click condition Hackers in Turkey are participating in DDoS attacks as a tool target. Furthermore, by releasing points accumulated by hackers on the site, we have adopted a mechanism to encourage more participation in attack by letting the number of holding points compete.

In a DDoS attack that uses a plurality of machines to send a large number of networks, the attacking power increases as the number of attack participants increases, but the network performing the DDoS attack increases the number of attack participants using various methods It seems.

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