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Adweek of the news site announced the top 20 of the movies most shared among companies that the company released in 2016. Various movies ranked in such as those who smile unexpectedly, those that raised a voice like "amazing!", Those that are jealous and impressed.

The 20 Most Viral Ads of 2016 | Adweek

◆ First place:John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 - #BusterTheBoxer - YouTube

First place is the CM for Christmas of UK department store John Lewis. It was projected that one dog gazing at something.

What the dog was staring at was a girl jumping over the bed.

When the girl sleeps, Dad is building something in the garden of the house.

It was Christmas gift trampoline that my father had assembled.

Two foxes that appeared in front of the trampoline.

The foxes jumped on the trampoline and started playing.

A badger will come next time.

Badgers also started playing with the foxes with a trampoline.

At the end, hedgehog and squirrels join and jumps happily.

It was the dog that I was staring at like that. Somewhat surprising expression.

A girl jumps out into the garden in the morning.

And I found a gift trampoline.

Something will cross the eyes of the girl who runs to the trampoline.

Its identity is a dog that seems to be lonely and watching animals' trampolines.

As I also wanted to play, the dog jumps and jumps happily.

With a child to be a child ... ...

It was my father and mother. It is a CM where the message that Christmas ... ... was put in a gift everyone would be delighted with.

◆ 2nd place:We're The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer - YouTube

Second place is British television station · Channel 4 Paralympics commercial. Details can be confirmed from the following articles.

Rio · Paralympic Official Movie "We're The Superhumans" to show the possibility of human training to a large extent - GIGAZINE

◆ 3rd place:Best Day Of My Life | Shell # makethefuture - YouTube

The third place is the CM of the Royal Dutch Shell Group, which is the theme of "Let's make the future together with everyone".

In the rooms lined up in staircase, various things are progressing as artists sing and cars are running.

In this room, I got some trash from the espresso machine in the hole.

Throwing garbage goes through the machine ......

Recycle to solid fuel.

It is used as a fuel for barbecue fire.

In this room I pour 1 liter of gasoline ......

The race car is blowing.

House to do solar power generation.

The artists' rooms around them are equipped with electricity thanks to sunlight.

It was a commercial that uses various energy appropriately for the future.

◆ 4th place:ڤودافون - العيلة الكبيرة رمضان 2016 - YouTube

The fourth place is CM of Vodafon of Egypt. It has become a musical style, and there is a fun atmosphere from the whole work such as cheerful music and dance.

◆ 5th place:OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out - YouTube

In 5th place is "Upside Down & Inside Out" of the band "OK Go" known for creative music video. Details can be confirmed from the following articles.

"OK Go" releases an unprecedented music video "Upside Down & amp; Inside Out" dancing in space in a zero gravity space - GIGAZINE

◆ 6th place:Nike Football Presents: The Switch ft. Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Anthony Martial & amp; More - YouTube

Nike's CM of the story that Critiano Ronaldo of soccer player and body of one boy are exchanged was ranked in 6th place. Even though it is CM, it has a length of more than 5 minutes and it has become a wonderful completion degree.

Suddenly the world's best soccer player C · Ronaldo draws a boy whose body has been exchanged "THE SWITCH" improves perfection in many ways - GIGAZINE

◆ 7th place:Doritos® Crash The Super Bowl Finalist - Ultrasound - YouTube

The third place is the doritos' commercial. The stage is a hospital, a couple came to see the state of a baby who is hungry by ultrasonography.

Mom looks happy to see a baby looking up.

However, my father eats Doritos with Musshamsha.

Mother who is bad with why he is eating doritos in such a case.

Even so, it is a father who can eat doritos ... ...

I notice that the baby is trying to grab Doritos.

When you move Doritos, the baby also moves his hand to try to take it.

My father also burst out laughing at this.

But the angry mother picked up Doritos and threw it.

Then, the baby got suddenly bent forward ... ...

I jumped out of my mother in a jumping form.

My father is surprised to suddenly give birth.

◆ 8th place:Why is Laundry only a mother's job? Dads # ShareTheLoad (Hindi) - Ariel - YouTube

The eighth rank is a commercial for laundry detergent Ariel which was broadcasted in India. It is drawn with the theme "Why washing is my mother's job?"

◆ 9th place:Cadbury Dairy Milk - Aliens - Canada (40 secs) - YouTube

Canadian CM of Cadbury's chocolate "Dairy Milk" has entered ninth place. An alien watching over a spaceship flying away.

In the place where the spacecraft flew away, Dairy Milk was left.

Open the bag and eat a bite ... ...

The alien suddenly becomes happy and dances.

The aliens who were watching the situation are also pakuri.

Everyone started the dance time.

However, the remaining chocolate is already zero.

Alien with tension falls.

However, we found a lot of Dairy Milk in a place like a warehouse.

Extravagant aliens.

Everyone ate Dairy Milk and started party again.

◆ 10th place:เชิดชู พระ คุณครู Teachers (Full Version): หนัง ครู 7-Eleven Thailand - YouTube

The 10th place is a Thai CM of Seven - Eleven, a heart - warming story set in the school gathered the evaluation.

◆ 11th place:Tuloy Pa Rin - YouTube

McDonald 's CM in the Philippines is No. 11. It is a woman looking for a seat at McDonald's.

A couple was sitting in a seat found by a woman.

A woman sitting in a seat shows a sad expression.

A woman keeping a man leaving.

The woman will cry.

A man leaving a woman to cry and walk away. It is a farewell to a sad man and woman.

The appearance of the crying woman disappeared quickly.

It seems that the farewell of the couple was apparently a memory of a woman.

A woman who will sit down on her seat, stealing courage.

Eating a hamburger ......

I smiled with smile.

This was a new hamburger 's CM.

◆ 12th place:The Conductor - YouTube

The 12th place is the Los Angeles Lakers who retired from NBA on April 13, 2016Kobe - BryantNike 's commercial with the main character. The release date of the movie is the same April 13th as Kobe Bryant's retirement match.

The game time remains a little.

Kobe and Bryant with a ball fade away shoot!

The ball was sucked into the goal superbly, and at the same time the game ended.

Although it is Kobe Bryant who victoriously raises the stamina, ...

The audience of the enemy team is angry heartedly saying "Covie you did it!"

Covey · Bryant with an obscene expression, clearly angry expression.

However, the fans of the enemy team who lost in the match are communicating with "Return! Return home!"

When Kobe Bryant makes a gesture such as "Do not you hear" for fans ......

The light suddenly disappeared.

When the lighted-up Kobe Brian points to the audience ......

One audience stood up and started singing on the sad music full of "I hate you ~ ♪".

"From long ago ~ ♪"

"What is it now ♪"

"I want to retire and want to be free ♪"

Kobe Bryant is the conductor of the audience who sings.

"Even though you were an eyesore, you noticed - you became a prisoner of __ ~ ♪"

From here all the members stand up and the big chorus begins. "I wanted to hate you for a long time ~ ♪"

"I hate you so much - I hate it I hate ~ ♪"

In the chorus, Kobe Bryant left the coat.

Kobe and Bryant achieved five NBA victories over Los Angeles Lakers until retirement. I have the strength to win and reverse the goal just before the end of the game,Buzzer BeaterSometimes it was sometimes disliked from fans of the opposing team. Kobe Bryant was a hatred, but his serious attitude towards basketball seized the hearts of his fans, and when he retired he felt lonely even fans who did not like Kobe Bryant. In the retirement game, although the Lakers were losing 10 points in the remaining 2 minutes and 30 seconds, Kobe and Bryant raised 13 consecutive points without making a mistake on the shot and won the reverse. In addition, Kobe and Bryant raised 60 scores, which is the sixth career in retirement, and achieved the oldest record in history of NBA.

Kobe Bryant Amazing last 3 minutes in his FINAL GAME vs Jazz (2016.04.13) - YouTube

◆ 13th place:Volkswagen Trailer Assist - Backing up a trailer - Commercial - YouTube

The 13th place is the CM of Volkswagen. It is a city that looks peaceful.

A car that towed the trailer at a tremendous speed ran along the intersection. Surprisingly, this car is traveling backwards.

People in the city who are amazed at the mysterious sight of running back while towing the trailer.

We will also show back running in the parking lot.

An old man with expressions such as "Are you seeing a dream?"

Roundabout also backs good without problems.

Lastly, I changed the lane while running back ... ....

I passed the car. This CM appealed Volkswagen's technology "trailer assist" that keeps the car body and trailer straight when towing the trailer and helps back traveling.

◆ 14th place:Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge: Official Introduction - YouTube

It was the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S 7 edge CM that ranked 14th. Details can be confirmed from the following article.

Waterproof and dustproof compatible & microSD slot resurrection "Galaxy S7 / S7 edge" has appeared - GIGAZINE

◆ 15th place:OK Go - The One Moment - Official Video - YouTube

The music movie "OK Go - The One Moment -" of the rock band "OK Go" is No. 15. You can see what kind of movie you can see from the following article.

A new MV of OK Go expressing the moment shot in just 4.2 seconds with super slow motion is too great - GIGAZINE

◆ 16th place:Spread the true Spirit of Ramadan (with English Subtitles) - YouTube

The 16th is CM of Knorr of Bangladesh, and the theme is "fasting" of Islam. My mother worried about the child who experiences fasting for the first time from the next day is listening to the child "Are you all right? Are not you hurting?"

Children answered incorrectly "I am all right."

I decided to go to a pizza place before fasting began.

The boy who comes out purchasing pizza seems to be happy somewhere.

When I ride again on the rickshaw, the child asks the mother "My mom, do not just eat rice when fasting"?

Mother said, "No, fasting is to learn self control, to understand the suffering of other people, to learn to respect other people even if they are hungry."

The child seems to understand "I see."

Then the mother complained to the rickshaw driver as "get up and running faster!" With anger.

The driver answers, 'I am a bit weak during fasting now'.

My mother who just preached the teaching of fasting is looking a bit frustrating.

When the driver finished work and was taking a break, the previous child came to pick up a pizza.

It was mum that I told the driver to give him a pizza. Looking at this CM, I feel that I could understand a little about what Muslim fasting means.

◆ 17th place:Momondo - The DNA Journey - YouTube

The 17th place is the CM of Denmark's travel site "momondo". This CM gathers from all over the world, it is a thing that DNA testing is carried out for those people who think that their country is the best though it is not purely bloodistic.

In the preliminary interview, people who said that particular countries and people disliked it, but I am surprised to find out that DNA of people in those countries are mixed in my DNA.

People who told me that they are 100% Cuban are not obsessed with the mouth opened looking at the DNA test results.

"I am an Englishman of pure blood, the man I disliked most is the German," but as I know that 5% of DNA is German, I laugh at myself without thinking.

Two of them also said that they were cousins ​​of a long time ago, and they are all enveloped by excitement. This was the CM of "Roots Searching for the Roots" that momondo did campaign, tracing the results of the DNA test by yourself. While there are voices praising the impression of the impression, it is also true that comments such as "actors are appearing" and "not completely done" are posted.

◆ 18th place:Aquila's First Flight - YouTube

The 18th place is a movie containing a test flight of Facebook's Wi - Fi drone machine "Aquila". Details of the test flight can be confirmed from the following article.

The factory of Wi-Fi drone "Aquila" which Facebook delivers the net to the world finally succeeded for the first flight finally - GIGAZINE

◆ 19th place:Mentos Mentors I Berteman dengan Orang Baru Itu Mudah, dengan Bantuan Kecil - YouTube

19th is CM of Mentos in Indonesia. The theme is a "connection" that people have forgotten.

A child becomes a person who is a trainee ... ...

A plan to give instructions to adults and communicate with unknown people.

"First sit in front of the coffee drinking man and talk to you! You are very similar to my grandmother!" Child giving instructions.

This woman speaks to his uncle as instructed, "You are like my grandmother".

The old man seems to be uncomfortable saying "That is good".

A man who returned a woman's "Do you think he will soon die?" To a sudden question "I will not die," said the woman, "Do not die soon, because you are a very good person" I am laughing in spite of myself.

This girl says, "I sit there and talk to a woman.Talking is" I tell you an old tale, once upon a time there was a goldfish in a certain place, that goldfish was alone, it was over. " I will give out a misdirected instruction to you.

The instructed man sat in front of the lady and told the old story as it was told by the girl.

While the woman smiled saying "It's such a rare old tale," the situation seems to be bad.

The instructions the woman wearing a green shirt received from her child say, "Talk to the person lying on the door to dance." Women are getting closer ...

I will talk to "Do not dance?"

A woman who was talked to answered, with a laugh, "Eh? Now, please dance from you first".

After all, they were two who danced while following the instructions of the child.

Children's instructions are messed up all the time, but somehow the conversation is Hizumi and in the end it will get along well until we have a hug.

These two men had a high touch.

The girl who was giving instructions also seemed satisfied with "I was able to do it well!"

"It is very easy to connect people with small help"

After getting along with you, it is fun atmosphere to eat mentos together.

◆ 20th place:First Look at Nintendo Switch - YouTube

The 20th is the first public movie of "Nintendo Switch" scheduled to be released in March 2017. Details can be confirmed from the following articles.

What is Nintendo Next Generation "Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch)"? And the screen which seems to be "splatoon 2" - GIGAZINE

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