Movie "The Evolution of Stunts" that reproduces famous movie stunt scenes in two and a half minutes from next to next

Tuning trampoline stunt scenes of various movies at an awesome speedDamien WaltersMovie played by players "The Evolution of Stunts with Damien Walters"Has been released.

The Evolution of Stunts with Damien Walters - YouTube

"A stuntman appearing in a movie is acting with the guidance of experts.Please be careful not to be managed."

That's why the movie started. Only this square set is used for shooting.

The surrounding wall is a display.

First of all it was a car, and it seems that Honda is sponsored.

The floor in the center of the set is like a treadmill (running machine).

When Walters jumps, the camera fell sideways ... ...

Change to a scene like being caught at the edge of a skyscraper.

Actually it is only lying on the ground, but depending on the display and the shooting direction it is going to fall down to the bottom.

When the treadmill moves and is brought upside down directly ......

The surrounding image changes.

From behind, the home beetle collapsed ... ...

To indoor-like situation.

Then another man and woman came in and the action scene started.

In the middle of a brawl, Walters takes a woman's hat.

I wore it on my head.

A woman wearing a hat soon beat me bang ... ...

Furthermore, the back of the head was hit with a bottle of something.

Then the desk was flushed with a treadmill.

Walters who are beaten up and ride on the desk.

I was thrown out of the western play door as it was.

Then the scenery of the surroundings changed, it seems that the plane is flying from the back.

Shooting from a plane to the Walters player.

The plane flew the Walters player ......

I jumped ahead and got a lifetime at the ninth death.

The car passed the Walters player to the collapsed beat.

Furthermore the surroundings became night, the motorcycle runs parallel with Walters player.

The motorcycle is giving a tremendous engine sound at full throttle, but it seems that the speed is adjusted by running on the treadmill.

Walters has been overtaken by the motorcycle.

Where the motorcycle passed by, the shadow of the woman behind.

A woman with a wire jumps to the Walters player ......

Visit a kick in the air.

Medieval-style swords and shields are falling to the place where kicked off ... ...

Walters will be equipped with these and will be on standby.

Defend your sword to the enemy 's sword coming in.

Attack with a sword as if to sweep the feet as it is ......

I showed the action of cutting off the floating enemy in a single piece.

Then the perimeter becomes dark, a mysterious countdown is displayed.

A large explosion occurred on the display, and Walters players also dive accordingly.

Then it should have been a flame of the image, but ignited the body of Walters.

Walters player who continues running while becoming a fire danger

Look closely seemed to fire gel is painted in such as a face.

Finally show off somersault with a fireman.

I was exposed to the smoke of the digestive tract at the moment I fell down, you can see that it was really doing the action with a fire.

It has done a lot of intense action scenes.

According to the YouTube comment section, it seems that one movie scene such as "Matrix" "Terminator" "Back to the Future" "300 (Three Hundred)" is reproduced in the movie. It may be interesting to see until what scenes the other scenes are in action scenes.

A making movie that shows how "The Evolution of Stunts" was made has also been released.

How To Be An Action Hero | Behind The Scenes of The Evolution of Stunts - YouTube

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