"How to receive movies from the cloud" is chosen as the "most foolish patent of the month" accredited by the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Frontier FoundationIt is certifying every month "Stupid Patent of the Month (the most foolish patent of the month)"System and method for distributed broadcast content in a cloud-based computing environment" (technology to receive broadcast content in cloud environment) "was chosen. This patent is criticized as "It can not be thought of as patent technology of 2016 very much".

Stupid Patent of the Month: Movies From the Cloud | Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, as the "most foolish patent of the month" from the American patents licensed in November 2016,US Patent No. 8856221"(221 patent) was elected. This patented technology is a technique as a title for storing broadcast contents in a cloud computing environment, and it is a technology that is based on the title, and uses "at least one server" to communicate with "a media device mounting a memory or a processor" By doing so, it is the content to receive video data. The Electronic Frontier Foundation evaluates the 221 patent as "it may have been a fresh idea in the mid-1990s, but it is unbelievable as a patent-pending technology in 2011". On the assumption that the ONION was founded on YouTube in 2005, "I Had The Idea For YouTube Back In 2010 (I invented YouTube in 2010)I posted an article that made "sarcasm" like "Ironic" but if it is such a story that embodies this exactly 221 patent is criticized.

Incidentally, the 221 patent is within the detailed explanation of the technology, "In a monthly system, payment of an exceptionally high fee is required even if the customer hardly uses the contents, but according to the number of downloads (in this technology) We are emphasizing the charging method which was widely spread as natural as in the content business as of 2011 as it can use the accounting system ", but patents can be given to such common business practices The Electronic Frontier Foundation is criticizing if it can not be.

Also, in the 221 patentClaimsThere is a claim that "time data indicating the length of the content is included in the media data", but it was obviously used in the online rental service as of 2011, I'm saying I am merely describing a technique whose purpose is obvious and already exists.

The 221 patent was acquired by Rothschild Broadcast Distribution Systems (RBDS) based in Texas. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, 221 patent, Rothschild Connected Devices Innovations (RCDI)"The foolish patent of the month" that won in August 2015I'm criticizing it as a terrible technology that is superior to.

The RCDI "patent of drink mixer remotely operated by net connection" is explained in the following article.

The patent of the drink mixer remotely controlled by the Internet connection is chosen as "the monthly most silly patent" - GIGAZINE

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, RBDS's prominent corporate activities are only litigating against a total of 25 companies, from Star-Up to Walt Disney's large enterprise. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is criticizing the current American patent system which has allowed the patent troll enterprises such as RBDS to make a dramatic prospect, and is complaining of the need for fundamental patent system reform.

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