A superhuman and acrobatic action movie

A movie of acrobatic action by Damien Walters who is a stuntman in the UK. The phenomenal leg strength and freedom of dancing in the air are thought to be wire actions, and it is just a superman skill.

Details are from the following.
This is the latest movie released this year.
YouTube - Damien Walters Showreel 2009

This is a movie released in 2007.
YouTube - damien walters showreel 07

A movie released in 2006. As you compare it, you will see that each year you get more polished skills.
YouTube - damien walters showreel 2

The following movie is a movie of students of Derby City Gym operated by Damien, and this is amazing, too.
YouTube - Damien Walters and his gymnasts 08

Mr. Damien Walters seems to be working as a gymnast before becoming a stuntman, so I can not help moving this much.

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