What is the problem with the World Chess Federation, the world's most popular chess organization?

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Chess, which is a representative of board games, has many enthusiasts in Japan, but in the world it is a popular gaming game that far exceeds Japanese imagination, and it is also counted as one of "sports". As a chess champion battle, many people pay tens of thousands of yen in search of tickets, while on the other hand, people watch the game by paying for television broadcasts, and the winner of the tournament will cost 1 million euros (about 100 million euros It is given a prize which is also said to be 20 million yen). Although it is a gorgeous chess world, it is said that there is a certain problem behind it. Bloomberg summarizes such a problem.

World Chess Has a Big Problem

It is a world of chess that is familiar all over the world, promising young players are produced one after another and gathering popularity, but actually it is a group that supervises at the world level "FIDE(International Chess Federation) "Bloomberg points out that there is a big problem. FIDE is an organization that awards the position of "Grand Master", the best title in the world of chess, a historic organization organized in 1924, but the current FIDE is a government that has been condemned by many of the world Has been pointed out.

It is a former businessman who is also the chairman of FIDE since 2007 and is also called "the world's richest man"Kirsan IlymizinovHe is. Mr. Ilumuzynov made successful business with multiple businesses, and after building assets, from 1993 to 2010 the Russian FederationRepublic of KalmyikIt is also the person who served as the first president of the third generation.

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There are so-called "black rumors" swirling around Mr. Ilumuzynov. In addition to publicly announcing close relations with Syrian President Al-Asad and former Iraqi Hussein, he was a leader of former LibyaGaddafi ColonelIt is said that he was playing chess with Libyan leaders in the battlefield tent several weeks before Murmur al - Qazafie was killed. Moreover, although it is rumored that it is moving secretly for Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is said that Mr. Ilumuzynov himself denies it. Mr. Ilumuzynov is also known to have announced that he was kidnapped by an alien together with his aides in 1997. According to Mr. Ilumuzynov, he announced that he was taught by the aliens "I learned chess from an alien two thousand years ago" from the alien in the captured spaceship.

To such Ilymizinov, the US government has added sanctions as "to conduct a deal to support Syria's Assad regime." Mr. Ilumuzynov is opposed to this, but due to the existence of this measure Mr. Ilumuzynov can not conduct business with American citizens and companies. For that reason, chess-related activities in the United States will leave to Mr. Giorgos Marco Polos acting as president of the Federation, and that the holding of world warfare is entrusted to local companies in the United States.

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The aftermath of the rumor has an influence on the sponsor gathering of the Federation. The sponsors of the chess competition held in New York were Russia's fertilizer company and asset management company based in Moscow, a drinking water company in Norway, and ST Dupont Co., Ltd., a writing instrument manufacturer, Despite being a great advertising medium, our local companies do not sponsor at all.

Criticism has been raised in the ability of Mr. Ilmuzynov to manage the federation. Former world champion at the Grand Master of Chess who ran for the presidential election in 2010Anatoly KarpovHe is known for the passage "I can not do any manu you can do any manger fellow" ("Any dickhead can do a better job."), ​​Which Ilymyzinov's achievement with seven words. Mr. Karpov has not changed this perspective even in 2016, and in the latest interview also says "The situation is very, very frightening."

Mr. Ilumuzynov says that the US government sanctions measures are optimistic when released soon. In an interview in October 2016, Mr. Ilumuzynov consulted with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the US Department of State to inquire about conducting tests using lie detectors. But this negotiation has failed.

Mr. Ilumuzynov considers himself not just as "ambassador of chess" but as "agent of world peace realization". In the interview Mr. Ilumuzynov declared, "I decided to change the world in chess. As I travel around the world, I see that conflicts are occurring in many countries, why? That is because the wisest person who thinks first and acts next is missing, "he says.

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When Mr. Ilumuzynov who is chairman of FIDE goes abroad with the work of the Federation, it is said that there is always a schedule related to his business so to say it certainly. One day, Mr. Ilumuzynov who visited the site for the young player's tournament in Chess held in Thessaloniki, Greece, is an Russian Greek millionaire and an owner of a local football team, apart from the work of the Federation We had a dinner with Mr. Ivan Savidis and received a hospitality as a special guest at a 5 star hotel owned by Mr. Savidis. In the previous week I met with the government official of the United Arab Emirates and met Dalai Lama in Latvia and received recognition as a "person who brought about peace and development" in Slovakia. Even after that, Mr. Ilumuzynov's overseas traveled to about 90 days.

Mr. Ilumuzynov was elected as chairman of FIDE in 1995, and he was accepted as "president of FIDE" for FIDE who was president of the Republic of Kalmyik at that time. FIDE at that time had a certain problem which occurred in 1993. Champion Garrie Kasparov and challenger Nigel Short players at the time challenged FIDE's policy, opposed the FIDE policy, gave ridicule of ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 FIDE, on the other hand, was in a situation where another two-person championship match was made to decide the "world champion", which was an abnormal situation that "two world champions" existed in the chess world at the time It was.

After ten years later, Casparos and short players came back to the original FIDE camp without any help, but Mr. Ilumuzynov got criticized by opposition as "at the time of president's election" bought votes from poor countries It will be. In 2014, Mr. Githinji Hinga, who served as chief of the chess organization in Kenya, received contact from Mr. Ilmuzynov's representative and can vote for "incoming president (Mr. Ilmyzinov) to receive enough money to buy a house "We have undergone acquisition business. In addition, Mr. Hinga received an acquisition from the Russian Embassy in Nairobi, but Kenya expressed "No" attitude to Mr. Ilumuzynov by voting. Then, after the election, FIDE canceled the certification of the Kenya chess organization and said that despite the opposition of the Ministry of Sports, another new organization was set up. Mr. Hinga criticizes FIDE 's behavior as "It is illegal, FIDE has many things that go against justice, it is not reasonable to lose responsibility." Meanwhile Mr. Ilumuzynov states that "FIDE is a democratic organization" and that all affiliates are being treated fairly.

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Meanwhile, there is also a view that evaluates Mr. Ilmuzynov's achievement. According to supporters, Mr. Iluminozov said he is investing personal property in the management of the Federation. According to a passage, it is said that Mr. Ilumuzynov is investing about 1 billion dollars (about 110 billion yen) for the management of the Federation, but when considering that the organizations of each country operate in the state of jiligence, there is also a view that it is exaggerated . Nonetheless, according to Secretary General Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou of the European Chess Federation, the economic situation of the players has been improved, and in the past only about ten players were satisfied with income, whereas now 100 The name is said to be "ready for eating" with chess. Meanwhile, there are indications that Mr. Ilumuzynov's traveling expenses cost a lot of money, but it is said that Mr. Iluminov is burdening this expenses.

In addition to the political situation as described above, the American chess player'sBobby FischerSometimes the players knew FIDE and., And there is a situation where the American chess world is in conflict with FIDE. In the United States is a chess organization 'United States Chess Federation(USCF) "exists and is also a member of FIDE, but USCF's Gary Walter chairman distinguishes FIDE's beginning of operation. Walter said, "Facing the attractive sponsors in the United States, rather than attracting attractive sponsor companies, the world of chess is being seen with skeptical eyes", FIDE of Ilymynov's system is criticized as "terrible for chess" I will.

In response to such FIDE, there are moves to try to improve the situation by launching another group among chess supporters. Mr. Rex Sinkfield, a business man in St. Louis, USA, has worked with both Casparoff former and short players Grand Masters to launch a new tour called "Grand Chess Tour." This tour is set in the United States, Britain, France, Belgium and is a tournament that has set a large prize of 100 million dollars (about 11 billion yen) with the famous French company as the main sponsor. Malcolm Payne, one of the main members who manage the tournament, said, "We have a stable, all the schedule is obvious, another new tour that clearly shows how much prize money is paid We are proposing. "

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Moreover, it is said that the digital world tied by the Internet can also be said to be a place to go for chess. Chess can play online and deliver the main confrontationChess.comWhen chess's "Blitz" (quick pointed showdown) was delivered by Japanese American players Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Kaluana players, more than 250,000 users are viewing it. Grandmaster'sMagnus Carlsen"The tournament is managed by entrepreneurs and can be made commercially attractive, there is no need to have to be managed by FIDE," said Espen Agzeinstein, a player manager. I can tell you that the new series can be managed.

Although it is the world of chess showing such a situation, while a new organization which modernly operates is rising, the situation that FIDE is still managing the ranking of chess players makes the situation complicated It is said that. In this state of the art, there are also concerns that as in boxing circles, there are four major groups in the world, ranking and champions exist in each, creating confusing conditions.


Meanwhile Mr. Ilumuzynov is proud to be proud of himself being the person who can bring chess to the next high. "I have contacts in several countries, there is a person who asks me for my opinion, I have asked such a person to support chess," Mr. Ilumuzhnov said, adding that Syrian peace He also stated that he would lend his power to negotiations, saying, "With my vision andPrinciple(Behavioral principle) is not to fight against opponent with weapons but to maintain peace to play chess with each other. " Mr. Ilumuzynov states that he intends to run for the next term FIDE president in 2018.

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