"Ta'u Microgrid" realized Tesla's ideal of solving the entire island with photovoltaic power generation and batteries

It is 4000 miles (about 6437 m) away from the West Coast of the USAAmerican SamoaIsolated island "Tau IslandAbout 600 people of the islanders live. Until now the islanders of Tau Island have relied on diesel generators to generate the main electricity, but there is no way to buy the fuel with the boat connecting the mainland and the island, sometimes the fuel shortage occurred Thing. SolarCity, a company that introduced solar panels acquired by Tesla on such Tau Island, installed a mega solar power plant, so a clean remote island that can live only by sunlight appeared.

Island in the Sun | SolarCity

Keith Ahnson, born in Tau Island, said, "In the early childhood, we were unable to contact a contact vessel connecting the mainland and the island for two months, and we could not purchase fuel from diesel generators. Even now the same problem is occurring. " On Tau Island all the electricity necessary for the life of the island, such as a pump sucking up water that all islanders need, and facilities such as hospitals, schools, and police depended on diesel generators, so if the fuel is on the bottom If so, the islanders are going out of crisis by limiting electricity to only morning to afternoon.

The situation of such Tau Island has changed completely, the storage battery of mega solar power plant and Tesla "Powerpack"TogetherMicro grid. Almost 100% of the electricity required for island life and infrastructure can be generated only by renewable energy by solar light, there is no need to worry about fossil fuel shortage which was necessary for power generation, and stable power is available throughout the 24 hours It is now supplied.

The state of the micro grid installed on Tau Island can be seen from the following movie.

SolarCity and Tesla: Ta'u Microgrid - YouTube

Remote island "Tau Island" in American Samoa and Manua Islands

A diesel generator that has been responsible for the life of the island looks like this.

Diesel generator of Tau Island consumes 300 gallons (about 1135 liters) of fuel a day ......

We need 100 thousand gallons of oil (approximately 414502 liters) annually.

Besides that, we also consume gasoline to transport oil fuel to the island.

There, 5328 solar panels are installed in the micro grid made on Tau Island ... ...

It boasts a total generation capacity of 1.4 megawatts.

60 Tesla Powerpacks are installed ... ...

The output is 6 megawatts.

Even if cloudy weather continues and you can not do photovoltaic generation, you can cover the whole island throughout the island for 3 days only with electricity saved in Powerpack.

Also, it takes only 7 hours to fully charge the Powerpack. Since Tau Island has many sunny days, it is possible to generate stable power generation and no blackout will occur.

All the islanders are now able to benefit from renewable energy.

Diesel free future

While diesel power generation is still being used as the main power in many parts of the world, at Tau Island it has become possible to live with clean solar energy only at low cost. With the advent of areas where stable energy can be obtained from sunlight for decades without being influenced by fluctuations in fossil fuels, realistic alternatives that renewable energy can respond to energy demands in various regions It is also possible to indicate that it becomes a means.

SolarCity also accepts contact from the community like Tau Island who wishes to introduce micro grid, and you can contact directly from the team by contacting from the form at the bottom of the following article.

Island in the Sun | SolarCity

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