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Endo Shusaku's historical novel "silence"Is a novel that depicts the lives of Portuguese priests in Japan where Christian repression was held in the early Edo period. The British guardian picks "A must-read novel 1000 books to read before death"Martin Scorsese, known for" Taxi Driver "and" Good Fellows ", became a movie of the novel that gets high evaluation from home and abroad, and the trailer was made public. In addition to Hollywood actors such as Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson, Adam Driver, Yosuke Kubozuka, Tadanobu Asano, Issei Target, Shinya Tsukamoto, Rina Komatsu, Ryo Kase and Yoshi Putada have appeared from Japan.

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"The Lord said ..." Please go out to the world and give teachings to all things "

The stage is Nagasaki in Japan.

"A message that Fereira in Japan has rejected arrived"

"Ferreira succumbed to repression, accused God and bent his beliefs."

Francis Garpe (Adam Driver) and Rodrigo (Andrew Garfield) that appear to be unbelievable in a sudden report.

"That is impossible, Ferreira has put a life to give teachings to Japan."

"I need an urgent situation, somehow I have to rescue Ferreira"

Two people headed to Japan when Shimabara's turbulence converged.

In Japan, repression against Christians continues, and the two will come in contact with the hidden Christian people.

Rodrigo can be put in for the hidden Christian.

The village that arrived is peace itself, two people who propagate to the villagers.

The cross which I made with straw is handed to the girl.

But the officials who serve the shogunate came there.

People who believed in Christianity were caught one after another.

Rodrigo stares at the tearful appearance of people who gave themselves teachings.

However, the shogunate's hardline attitude towards Christianity continues unchanged.

"It is a pain to wait for you guys"

And Rodrigo is caught in the shogunate ... ....

"It is too dangerous"

"But all for the mission"

Restarting with Fraira who was captured.

Is something you believe saved ...?

People who believe in Rodrigo are tortured and Rodrigo needs to relinquish to help.

Do you keep your own faith?

Or are they helping believers by self-renouncing?

"I am praying but I've rejected my body, I am praying for" silence "..."

The movie "Silence - Silence -" will be released in Japan on January 21, 2017.

What is the reason why Scorsese chose "silence" as a movie making work, the reason is revealed by a dialogue between Endosu Shusaku's eldest son and Scorsese director.

Film "silence" The eldest son of Endo Kurosaku and the twenty-seven turn founded in a dialogue just before Scorsese director's release (1/4) | dot. Dot Asahi Newspaper Publishing

· Endo: May I ask about the reason why I chose "Silence" from among many candidate works?
Scorsese: When I was young, there was a time when I was overwhelmed by Catholicism. I wanted to be a priest and when I was fifteen she went to seminary. After all, I was advised to withdraw, but (laugh).
Just after that, the values ​​of Christianity and Catholicism were the center of my life. When you always think about such things, you will eventually come close to the essence of human beings. What exactly is the difference between human good and evil, and what does it mean that right and wrong exist simultaneously? The movie "Silence" is a natural occurrence from such thought. I realized that the mission of reading the novel after "making the last ending" and exploring the essence of human beings at that time still continues.
Endo: It was 20 years ago that I took over the story of filming from my father.
Scorsese: I first met New Zealand with Zhou Chen with Jointly Screenwriter Jay Cox and told my determination to make a movie. I think that it is around 1992. She was traveling to the United States to receive an honorary doctorate from John Carroll University.
Endo: I also heard a story saying "Silence" seems not to be going very well "or" It seems that Hollywood producers seem to be opposed "to me, so I honestly think what will become of it There was also a period of time. Why did not you give up?
Scorsese: "Silence" is the faith itself. I wanted to draw a cultural view of the world, a difference in life sense, and a difference in faith by the country. Anyway, I wanted to take "Silence" and I took a few commercials to collect the funds.
· Scorsese: I grew up, a good society where good people work hard. At the same time evil was prevalent, but there were people who could not be said to be real bad guys even doing bad things. I was wondering how I live in a violent world while living a religious life. In my movies, it's always like that, whether it's a gang or a business thing.
Endo: Now Japan is divided into good and bad things, and it is often decided symbolically. While I am in such a trend around the world, through a movie, I want you to see things are so divisible. I am very excited as an audience.

The "Silence - Silence -" Japan press conference took place on October 19, 2016, and in addition to Scorsese, Yosuke Kubozuka and cast Tadanobu Asano cast. The situation at that time can be confirmed from the following movie.

Kubozuka Yosuke Hollywood debut Director Martin Scorsese 'Silence - Silence -' Press conference to Japan - YouTube

In addition, the original "silence" is on sale at Amazon with Kindle version of 550 yen including tax, and a bookbook of 909 yen including tax.

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