I have explored the interior of CG animation production company "Digital Frontier"

movies"GANTZ: OIn accordance with GIGAZINEcharacter·background·Motion capture·animation·facial·setup·effect·Composite,furtherDirector Yasushi KawamuraAnd the staff of the digital frontier of the video / CG animation production company thoroughly. I realized that the work of many people was demonstrated and that the work of the original author was acclaimed was made, but at the same time, what kind of environment can produce such a nice work is also concerned Where it is.

...... That means that the inside of the company is what I feel and what kind of equipment supports the digital frontier in the range that I can put in.

Digital Frontier Co., Ltd. - Digital Frontier | Video · CG animation

There is a digital frontierSakuragaoka cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 6 minutes walk from Shibuya station west entrance. It's like a "glass ark", it is a very impact-proof building.

A part of this second floor and the third floor are digital frontier. The logo with D and F motif is cool as well.

It is a place to worry about the production site, but first from another room.

A dark corner on the edge ... ....

When peeping in, it becomes a tatami space.

This place is a nap.

Eating and drinking is prohibited, leaving private items is also prohibited. There are other resting places, so this place is tightly separated as "Sleeping place" here.

This is a multipurpose room.

About the air conditioner "Be careful not to touch the" multipurpose room: back "at the meeting!

This is a space where you can also have a meeting and so on, but it is somewhat like an art room flavor.

Nude painting by staff.

The back is ......

Space of conviction is also a note of the previous note.

By saying "You do not have enough power is a waste", moving PCs are being rendered.

It seemed that the cable was initially wound and installed, but it seemed that it was going to be clumsy as it was added and moved more and more later.

This is a rest room.

Pricing of vending machines is a bit cheaper than outside.

A refrigerator is free to use, a pen for writing a name is suspended in what to put.

Microwave oven and water server. Water server is "Can not use water!", Only hot water available. This seems to be due to the greater water demand than expected.

And a lot of sweets.

There are two television sets on the diagonal line, and it is a space that can be refreshed slowly.

There are trash cans of various styles here.

Next is the conference room & editing room.

Posters, DVD · BD, trophies etc. are adorned.

This is a movie "Initial masterpiece of Digital Frontier"Apple seedPoster of the year 2004 release. Director Yasushi Kawamura of "GANTZ: O" served as animation director.

Signs are full of "GANTZ: O" posters.

The meeting room looks something like this.

A monitor with a web camera is installed in four chairs with four chairs, and mouse and keyboard for PC operation are placed.

The installation environment looks like this.

There was a small refrigerator in the corner of the room, and water and tea for visitors was prepared.

On the other side of the monitor is a white board.

The editing room was sofa set up for the monitor so that everyone can check the picture.

And to another room again. The other side of the poster saying "Suspension prohibition" ...

It was a server room.

The rack line up exactly.

Truly legroom air conditioning.

Since it is almost impossible to move here when installing, firmly cables the cables.

Beautiful colors.

A fan that faced this suddenly. It is supposed to have blown out hot air, but it is cool to the gun, so if you get close to the rack it's not that hot. Also, it is the sound of the air conditioning that the fan's operation sound is damped.

There is a PC server in another rack.

Huge air conditioner as much as a rack

If there is some room in the space, it will become a rendering space.

And finally to the production site. Although the outside was a fishing boat style as the first picture, the floor with the production section is squashed sideways and used as one room.

People in front are working clerks, people in the back are artists.

It looks like this from the production (artist) side.

In charge of animationI found Mr. Kamekawa's desk.

There is a space like a little meeting space at the edge of the unpunctuated room.

...... No, it might be a relaxing room.

In the whiteboard, contents that might have considered something important was left.

A cabinet lining up in a row.

In addition, the office Grigo.

Shredder & humid air cleaner.

The center of the floor is dark, but this is to ensure that the monitor used in the composite work is not affected by lighting.

Also, in order to be connected closely with the studio in Osaka, there was a monitor that could see the state of the studio.

When I interviewed, there were various divisions, I thought whether members were scattered in and around the rooms, but in fact the functions about production are concentrated in one floor, members have several roles I understand that it is an environment where there is no problem even if it is. The size of that floor is envious.

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