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A real-world image of the popular manga "Tetsujin no Alchemist" with over 70 million copies of the worldwide series, and the film "2017 winter release"Full Metal AlchemistThe latest image of "Official site was released. The latest image contains the appearance of Alphonse Elric and Fullmetal Alchemist Reproduced in full CG and Edward Elric which Yamada Ryosuke plays.


Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

All-you-can-eat Kentucky New store "Kentucky Fried Chicken LaLaport EXPOCITY" opened, all-you-can-eat pasta, Western style oden, salad and dessert in addition to chicken - GIGAZINE

EXPOCITY (EXPO CITY) All articles summary, "LARPARE EXPOCITY" of 305 stores and 8 large entertainment facilities - GIGAZINE

Paris-Orly airport temporarily closed due to failure of Windows 3.1 - GIGAZINE

I bought a soft cream maker to realize all you can eat soft ice cream - GIGAZINE

I tested how powerful "modcrew" can waterproof iPhone in a few hours - GIGAZINE

Even though we step in one step, the rabbits of Mifumo went to Okunojima, where they rushed to seek foods - GIGAZINE

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I made a battle with the customer (strong man) I encountered at the workplace by Wai: spare time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - livedoor blog

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Dr. Hawking calculates the year left for humanity

Cancers cancers that cancer cells have disappeared in 1 day and metastasized - Nearly infrared cancer cancer cures - Can be surprised treatment developed by Japanese researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) | Mugendai (Infinity)

"Donald Trump and the Failure of Social Science" by Yuri Harris - Moral Animal Diary

Indigenous minority ethnic group declared "kingdom" divided by the border | National Geographic Japan edition site

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Google and FB revise the advertisement regulations, criticized for false news in the US Presidential 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

The darkness of loneliness of Park Geun-ee (1/5) | dot. Dot Asahi Shimbun Publication

A strange country of "same labor / same wage" · Nippon | President Online | PRESIDENT Online

Kobe Newspaper NEXT | Incidents / Accidents | Argument for taste brawl, arrested a man for allegedly hitting a friend at a ramen shop

Mr. Trump 'not interested' = high-ranking official of North Korea: current affairs dot com

Elderly people with comparable income, increasing medical expenses burden from next year: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【Backside of business】 LGBT compliant service The same couple will also have same-sex couples "couple" ... market expansion of life insurance, bridal etc. (1/3 page) - Sankei WEST

3000cc car also agreed to agreement = VW, with official gas offenses with US authorities - Reuters coverage: current affairs dot com

What happens to medical cannabis in the United States at the Trump regime? | National Geographic Japanese version site

Bankruptcy bulletin | Teikoku Databank Co., Ltd. [TDB]

Student memorandum of harm caused by 1.5 million yen bullying | Kanaroko | Kanagawa newspaper news

The proxy said that the student was not accredited as bullying by the committee of the committee of the committee of the board of education that the students burden money, the agent said that he had no choice but to escape from the environment of bullying. In addition, he showed that he was unable to stepped down, saying that the investigation was delayed and he was unable to hear on the side of the victim, and the premise was to delay the response of the city board of education.

About 1.5 million yen was explained as "The parents of the students kept in their homes as living funds and not reparations because it is voluntary evacuation in the first place, so the compensation is extremely low."

Damaged students confided that they thought that they should encourage themselves "for many other children (who suffer from the bullying bullying) about the reason for publishing their notes." The parents of the students also issued a statement, "I was mentally driven away from the response of the school and board of education, I want you to return the time."

Damaged students seeking the publication of the report and the negative Yokohama City Board of Education. Even with regard to legal interpretation, the difference in opinion became clear.

The Law for Promotion of Bullying Prevention Measures enforced in 2013 is to deal with the school side as a serious matter when there is doubt that serious damage has occurred to life, mind and body, property and when there is a suspicion that it was forced to absence for a certain period I am seeking.

A student on the side of the student who suffered damage said that school had to report to the city board of education as a serious matter at the stage when school refusal exceeded 30 days, when the transfer of a large amount of money was discovered, the city board of education said that at least Pointed out that he should have held a third-party committee. It was strictly criticized that it took the leave rights of the victim students for 1 year and 7 months, in case of violating the law.

As a municipal board of education, it was the first third-party committee to set up as a serious matter. Education chief Yuko Okada who responded to the interview after the student side interview admitted that "It should have been recognized as a serious matter as of June 14, 2002", but the cause was complicated, etc. "It is a law violation I can not comment whether it was. "

In addition, the agent cited the correspondence of teachers as the reason why victims students and guardians raised distrust of school. Depending on the complaint that school refusal at small 3 o'clock and money exchange at small 5 o'clock was unrelated to bullying and the appeal that "textbooks will disappear" at 4 o'clock, deputy principals and others talked that "management of the principal is bad" It is said. The victim student stated in his note that "I have taught various things until now, but the school did not do anything," "I was being put up trying to say something to the potentiary".

According to proxies, guardians are requesting the city board of education to announce the facts, and protests that the city board of editors protested against the background of the bullying and the fact that the concrete contents were unpublished, "Is not it a hiding (innocence)?" did. On the other hand, Education Okada said, "Since we need to consider the growth of children, we will not disclose any specific content of bullying in the future," and said that the apology was undecided.

Cards personnel, early internal conflict? Former Congressman responsible for Security Departs: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Continue adjustment of major ministerial personnel for one week from the victory of the next trump president | NHK News

Mrs. Michelle responds to 'heel wearing ape', female mayor resignation 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

Chinese Communist Party agency Paper presidential election "dirty, turbulent, inferior, ill" and criticism │NEWS post seven

Suspected of cultivating over 10,000 hemp weeds equivalent to 2 billion yen, four people re-arrested - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Arrested Osaka Osaka Professor for bribery for convenience in collaborative research: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Trump next harassment to immigrants and black people after the victory of the next president | NHK News

Trump regime 'border barrier' early construction, Muslim immigration registration = adviser | Reuters

"The US should respect the Paris Agreement," French president and others call on Mr. Trump | Reuters

"Repairing huge holes in a week" ... English media marvels: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Machine room in the school building is a "smoking place", three teachers hide cigarettes: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Female teacher: The corporal punishment that plugs the mouths of three children with intellectual disabilities with adhesive tape - Mainichi Newspaper

According to the prefectural board of education, in the middle of last month, three classes who are in charge of homeroom teacher training the vocalization and pronunciation during classes, they used corporate punishment to fill their mouths with gum tape or curing tape. The witnesses who were patrolling the school witnessed and immediately stopped. A female teacher told the prefectural board of education, "I did it to remember to breathe with my nose, I did sorry."

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【Budget: 2.5 million yen】 New car What should I buy: Quick report

KEISUI ART STUDIO | My name is "Hiraku reindeer". Somebody tell me.

Chugai Medical College Cancer High-Treatment Drug "Opivo" Price Reduced by 50% Acknowledgment | NHK News

Middle school student eradicating pylori eradication municipality, gastric cancer prevention side effects concern: Asahi Shimbun Digital

'Positive mistake pear' Tearage with pears that did not fall due to the earthquake | NHK News

I am asked "Where are you from high school?" I have been remembering where I got a job and who got married to which child ... This is a countryside There is a country - Togetter Summary

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Google Japan Blog: Google translation has evolved.

About Dwango vs. FC2 intellectual property gachinko confrontation (Kiyohara Kiyoshi) - Individual - Yahoo! News

A gaming speaker lineup appears in the brand for gaming "Sound BlasterX series"! Under monitor audio system "Sound BlasterX Katana", 2.1ch type "Sound BlasterX Kratos 2 product" ~ "Katana" with SB-Axx1 processor and 24bit DAC, maximum 150W peak output, 5 drivers & triple amp design, for multi-connection Correspondence "Kratos 2 product" is powerful 2.1ch sound. The top two models are equipped with 16.8 million Aurora Reactive lighting system LEDs ~

How to visualize network traffic with crystal signal Pi and Zabbix | Infinite loop technology Inc. Blog

720,000 yen including tax! The strongest video card over TITAN X "Quadro P6000" has appeared - AKIBA PC Hotline!

US Airby accommodation over 3 million people in Japan January to October, 10% visiting customers used: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

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"PlayStation VR", what titles were sold in North America and Europe? Together with "Oculus Rift" "HTC Vive" | AUTOMATON

Overwatch - Sombra: Now Live Trailer | PS4 - YouTube

Anno Hideaki as the first manager to talk about 10 years (top) | Weekly Diamond Special Report | Diamond Online

Anno Hideaki as the first manager to tell 10 years (bottom) | Weekly Diamond Special Report | Diamond Online

What is your name? : Achievement of four Asian crown leaders in Thailand and Hong Kong as well - the Mainichi Newspaper

"Love Live!" Terrestrial First Broadcasting theatrical version animation! Attention! Information | NHK Anime World

【Broadcast schedule】
"lovelive! The School Idol Movie "
E TELE Tuesday, January 3, 2017 5:00 pm

A red and white appearance voice actor of a popular animation "Love Live!" With a bandman and "One Night Love" | Scoop Breaking News - Weekly Bunshun WEB

"This is useless! Game UI" - Have you noticed this bad UI? Game UI Failure Reference Collection - Togetter Summary

Online game "Chaos Saga" ends in 1 day from service start! Depending on various circumstances → For FF 11 data Maru Pakuri? - Togetter Summary

DMM Netoge will be closed in a day ...! - Chanchan Z

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Public information: NHK and Netflix publish co-production drama: Nikkei Business Online

The river drama of 2019 is "Olympics x Kankuro Miya"! | TV Drama | NHK Drama

"One Piece" Theme Song Arrested Singer Suspected to Steal Guitar: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Haraguchi's "Rapid Spirit" must have definitely hit the hearts of all the people! It is!

36: Nameless 24: 2016/11/16 (Wed) 12: 31: 00.70 ID: dILzP0ZC0
I do not say that Kagawa does its best, but when I see Arauchi or Kiyotake, the level of play is not the representative level anymore.

163: Nameless 24: 2016/11/16 (Wed) 13: 26: 25.08 ID: 7 b / HXzMA 0
>> 36
Oh yeah, I was a defender of Kagawa Honda but I realized that it is different also in terms of feelings
The stamen of the front line of yesterday was the ambition greatly transmitted even if I watched TV, Osamu Genki Kubo
I felt a sense of excitement different from the usual representative, I saw it after a long interval
Well I guess there was also a game that I could not defeat absolutely

The feeling of air was completely different from the representative of Honda Kagawa center so far, it was fresh to watch it

Honda Kagawa may have been soaked too much in the place of indwelling
It is also responsible for Haririru

Kubo Yuya, "Only the first half turns" The task was seen "..." Also leave results to be selected again ": footballnet [Football summary]

"What the players misunderstand ..." Hasebe's achievement of keeping Haryle's centripetal force | Gexaca [Kodansha]

Now in the training camp, FW Honda Keisuke and Haryil Hojitchi 's "feudal lord" were taken over. "Honda was able to confirm that the rhythm of the game was insufficient" after 11 Battle of Oman (4 - 0), Honda told the commander who suggested a starfire in Saudi Arabia war, "explain the meaning If it is convincing if it is acceptable, the director has such duty. " Obvious dissonance was born.

During the training camp, there were many times the commander and Hasebe speaking at the pitch before practice. Was Hasebe wanting to convey the message to the team through the captain, it was a role bridge between the director and the players. 32-year-old laughing at laughing "I can do well with any director," I thought that everyone's vector is going to the manager for a while, I think everyone (the press team also), but the consciousness of the players I felt the danger of being headed.

"Because the director speaks straight to the players, I also say that it is misunderstood, I told young athletes that" By growing up with people who think differently ", I also said that, since the relationship of trust is important for the team to grow That's why. " They struggled to hold off the commander's centripetal force and to unite the team together. Not everything was settled. However, it became the November series that makes me feel the size of existence again.

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To celebrate "Fried Chicken's Day" on November 21 (the day KFC No. 1 store opened in Japan), a dream pack with one "Original Chicken" entered! "9-piece barrel" will be released on November 21 | News Releases | Japan KFC Holdings Co., Ltd. KFC Holdings Japan, Ltd.

Kumamoto reconstruction aid product which made slogan "Ganbarou Kumamoto!"! The fragrant black oily oil flavors appetite a cup of hard work Kumamoto! Kumamoto's Kumamoto Ramen / One piece of lid of the lid is on sale | Ace Cock

Striking with Mayo stems from horseradish wasabi Mucci Wasabi Mayo Wasabi stimulation and mayonnaise flavor coexist

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