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Coca-Cola system, a slightly bitter Brad Orange taste and fruity scent "Fanta Crimson OrangeWe will release it from Monday, September 12, 2016. The first Brad Orange flavor in Fanta history is said to be the taste of adults of exquisite sweetness that sour acidity. The price is 490ml PET bottle 140 yen for tax, 1.5L PET bottle is 320 yen for taxation.

"Fanta red orange" New release nationwide from September 12 (Monday)! It is! : The Coca-Cola Company

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

The salary of engineers, the trend from July 2014 to June 2015 is like this - GIGAZINE

Infographic that understands at a glance "Which country has the longest working hours?" - GIGAZINE

"Baked Ice" which reproduced real baked potatoes was revived from Imuraya so I tried it - GIGAZINE

Since the Olympic Games are harmful to cities, claiming that they should be held in the same place each time - GIGAZINE

Historical fact that Britain might have made the world's first manned space flight successful by Nazi · German technology turned out - GIGAZINE

Identify where Wi-Fi radio waves can not reach using physics equations - GIGAZINE

10 Ways to Prevent Troubles such as Delay, Loss, Stolen, etc. Occurring in Luggage Deposited When Placing an Airplane - GIGAZINE

Can a ninja's mobile meal "Hyogo Maru" be made with juicer? Experimental movie called - GIGAZINE

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September 6, 2016 News "The 30% reduction in catch in Southeast Asia due to global warming as well as IUCN report" | SciencePortal

This is the test track of "Hyper Loop" constructed by Space X Company! - Autoblog Japanese version

cute! Valuable appearance pure white child whale gives way to mother, Successful Drone aerial shoot | sorae.jp: Portal site to the universe (Sora)

Whale study using drones and tags captures aerial footage of white whale calf - YouTube

Eallon mask space X, rocket explosion loss of about 5.2 billion yen compensation or free launch required | sorae.jp: portal site to the universe (Sora)

One in ten people over 100 years old, 3 secret research pictures of Italy 'Nagasu village' International news: AFPBB News

The joint research team pointed out that the secret of this longevity may be related to the low value of the vasodilating hormone "adrenomedullin".

In a statement, the research team said in a statement that the subjects of the study found that the amount of adrenomedullin secreted was very small, which helped in optimal development of the microcirculation (capillary network) and seemed to act as a strong protective factor doing. Capillary vessels tend to weaken as older, but the elderly who live in Cirento has a very young capillary age, some of them being equivalent to their twenties.

Water temperature rise sea is "unhealthy" World Conservation Council warning photo 3 international news: AFPBB News

Extensive scientific report that the ocean has become unhealthy as ever due to global warming and that the risk of disease transmission among animals and people and food security risks around the world are concerned Was announced on May 5.

Egyptian mummy 'How to make' and 'How to use'? Is it? -Ezy

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Doctors and lawyers who were arrested to have performed indecent acts on patients immediately after surgery appealed "innocence" in court (Shoko Egawa) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Four immigrants rescued from a "closed room" under the floor Miniban Spain - Melilla 2 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Expected populism Participating young Roman mayor from the party, demonstrating incompetence Rome is in chaotic state | Harbor Business Online

"The US Department of Defense contracts guns and ammunition of 4 trillion yen or more from 9.11 simultaneous terrorist attacks" UK NGO organization reported - Millbro News

I can think of automatic driving with speeding violation ... Tsuru Okinawa · North Minister of State responsible | Response (Response.jp)

Furthermore, because his / her responsibilities are also science and technology policy mission, we turned our attention to the far future.

"Although I always tell you, I'm thinking about the era of automatic driving coming with science and technology, so I have to do it firmly."

Rush President, abuses Mr. Obama with a contradicting word, stops the summit Meeting 3 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Mr. Duterte known for extreme remarks, President Obama questioned the fact that more than 2,400 people were murdered in the past two months due to the "war on drug-eradication" that he held just before Laos went to the press conference When it is pointed out that it will be presented, anger will be revealed, "Do not forget respects - do not throw doubtful statements and others". Furthermore, I used the phrase "Putan Ina Mom" ​​to disdain opponents with my son as a prostitute in Tagalog language, and I was surprised to say "I'm going to give up at a meeting."

Obama repeats the criticism of the United States to cancel talks with President President: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Obama expressed concern about Mr. Duterte's criticism of the United States at a press conference after the closing of the main 20 countries / regions (G20) summit meeting held in Hangzhou, China on the 5th, "he He was instructed to confirm whether talking with him is constructive or not, "he said, suggesting the cancellation of the talks.

Obama, discontinue talks with the President of the Philippines - "prostitute" as a mother - BBC News

US President Obama stopped talks with the Philippine President Duttel who was scheduled for Laos on 6th. Mr. Duterte abuses Mr. Obama as "son of a prostitute". Both presidents planned to hold talks at the ASEAN summit meeting in Vientiane, the capital of Laos.

CNN.co.jp: President of the Philippines, Repented with remarks to US President Obama

Mr. Duterte said in a statement that it is disappointing that his remark was "received like a personal attack on the president of the United States of America". "We are longing for the time when differences in priorities and perceptions of each country are overwhelmed."

North Korean missile, falling to 200 kilometers off Okushiri flying 1 thousand kilometers: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Hanjin maritime vessel to call to Singapore or Hamburg - Cargo landed - Bloomberg

Waste disposal including radioactive material "Advance listening to local circumstances" | NHK News

Lawson and Popular New Store to Full Expansion | NHK News

Lawson of a major convenience store and medium-sized poplar headquartered in Hiroshima City, we are planning to introduce Lawson poplar, Tottori prefecture and Shimane prefecture within the year, to the new store that combines the features of both companies, which have been experimentally operated, We have increased to 54 stores, and we decided to deploy it in earnest.

Jika fever, fear of trends throughout Singapore Morning to 258 people 3 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Continuous explosion in the Afghan capital, 24 people Dead Taliban seize 6 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Doctor of quasi-compulsive obscene allegation "I am not doing": Nikkei Medical

Family mart aiming for top "We are not defeated by product strength" | President Online | PRESIDENT Online

Putin's President Northern Territories issue "Let's step back" | NHK News

An unknown 15-year-old is found on the bottom of the river, confirming death Hokkaido · Abashiri: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Painful news (No ∀ `): The highest amount of cup noodle ever 10 times the hypothetical" Cup noodle big "mystery meat festival" meat prime pepper soy sauce "- livedoor blog

【Report】 Facts and challenges in Japan · Child pornography What is required to protect children ~ Beyond the wall of "suspicion" (for public use) | Human Rights Now

WooRis (Woolis) operated by Shogakukan "Families without fixed phones are problem ants" - Daiohi of Doo Ryozo

Astonished by average annual income for annual income of illustrator, the theory which is no longer established as a work - Togetter Summary

Virial Game Origin, History Manga Popularity Market aspect of Warring States Period: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Children 's intake of salt, meals on a certain day also increased, more than 90% over standards: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Donwu Town Library donates books Disposal - NHK Ishikawa Prefecture News

The town library of Doshimichi erroneously abandoned 1800 volumes of books on history and folklore donated by local researchers without understanding the value well, and the town was a book donor I apologized to him.

Donated town library donation books Disposal - Togetter Summary

【Adult Actress Lolicon AV is Child Porn? 】 Human Rights Now and the Asahi Newspaper Question Mark - Togetter Summary

Why are we going to take care of managers who are not "decent"? | @ DIME at dime

The true meaning of "the backwaters" is not the story of "You can win if you refuse to retreat and die" - Yuzurimu

People who dekire is "going to put in and out" is awesome | President Online | PRESIDENT Online

The story that Menhera woman was about to end his life - rumors of dandy also 75 days!

Corrected city "Ignition device abnormality" temporary false explanation in interview Abortion of Inzai fireworks display | Chiba Nichido online

CNN.co.jp: The chocolate crisis, can this plant save? As a substitute for cacao beans

The edge of mastery of kitchen paper! - Simple life of Rin

The large roof of the Yamanote line new station is "origami"? The station and the city are united with the colonnade and glass | news of the ride

Kaenigseg, the world's first publicly released "Agerera RSR" limited only sold in Japan - Car Watch

Koenigseg established Kaenigseg Japan as a sales network in Japan. In accordance with this, on September 5, "Agerer RSR" which is only three limited vehicles in the world was released to the world for the first time. The current price is 260 million yen (excluding tax).

Be careful! Airplane traversing public roads --- One frame during MRJ assembly | Response (Response.jp)

Great flames on twitter! Four reasons why "0 yen Calpis" is not good for health - Latte

For 0 yen Calpis, only things that you do not want to take if possible
· Gum syrup (sugar syrup)
· Stick Sugar
· Coffee Fresh
·lemon juice
· Drink made with additives in artificial sweetener

"Abandoned works suspected as child pornography" "Recognition of okay if wearing yellow" NPO pointed out the incompleteness of measures - lawyer dot com

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"Tell me! Goo" Notice of starting AI introduction to the love consultation category | goo Press release

Gurusuta management company Spricks' apology sentence part 2 is variously bad - Hagex-day info

Apology for leakage of personal information due to unauthorized access and report on measures to prevent recurrence (2nd report) | Print mail order graphics

Make CSS style sheet making easier! Convenient tools I would like to know 25 Selection Summary - Photoshop VIP

【DE ● A】 It is seriously serious as a result of grasping the actual condition of request of curation media! - 29 years old consultant What girls think from different world

Cuba Government, Block or picture SMS containing words such as "democracy" 1 International News: AFPBB News

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Mush Kamayatsu, liver cancer announced "absolutely resurrect!" / Entertainment / Daily Sports online

"Tatara Samurai" is the Best Artist Contribution Award Montreal Film Festival: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Four bodys over the left wing of the representative. Usami Takashi, confidence to be connected directly to the points. - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

Directly hit Da Zone CEO. "210 billion yen to J League, is not it high?": Footballnet [Football summary]

102: Mr. Anonymous @ I'm sorry @ Reprint without permission 2016/09/04 (Sunday) 22: 24: 42.02 ID: NGsjm5JX0
What kind of mind is that making the image production team's skill level within Europe within the next few years - Hadle high

The opening game was 0-16 and 52 losses in five disastrous defeats, tragedy of Romania 2nd Club | Football King

Soimi · Punkota, belonging to Romania's Riga 2 (2nd league), has suffered extreme grades. The club got completely lost after the opening five games, and the score was zero. And the score has reached "52".

Now you are J League Dr.! "J League back dictionary" Hashtag summary (さ - た っ た): Domestica blog

The crucial difference between Barça's players and Japanese players, which is clearly visible at elementary school generation

It is the same as the defense, but I thought that the biggest difference between them and the Japanese is speed from receiving the ball. It's not just Jordon's story, the balsa's children are not able to reach their opponent properly and are trapping the ball in a position where they can quickly move to the next play. And if we look forward, we will promote dribble without hesitation if there is space, furthermore the surroundings will overtake and follow the attack. Japan's children could not follow along with this continuous attack.

On the contrary, since a Japanese child places a ball at the foot for the time being, the speed drops once, and it is going to get back pressure by having received pressure from before, to speed up by the outside side or the direct pass somehow . Oh well so good, so the path passes a bit in the first half, but if you get tired in the second half it will be impossible and it will become a battle defense one.

"# Shin Godzilla" Finally over 6 billion! I think that it was the audience that led the hit (Teruji) - Individual - Yahoo! News

"Nobunaga Concerto" peaks on the release date, and mountains are made every weekend. Generally it will be like this. And on the release date, there are 4,442 Tweet numbers. If it multiplies by 10, it is 44 thousand, which is a numerical value that makes the hit feel adequately.

On the other hand, "Shin Godzilla" became a mysteriously shaped graph. It is high enough to be 19,000 or more Tweets on the first day of public release, but then it has continued to rise until August 3, exceeding 25,000. If you multiply by 10, it means that it is 250,000 Tweet. It is a high number. Rather, it is an abnormal figure. It is also unusual for it to rise after the release date. As expected after that, it went up again on August 15 and it exceeds 22,000. It is strange that it will be a Tweet number exceeding the publication date in two weeks.

Interview with the Godzilla model realizing the demand of the general manager Anno "to make the first Godzilla's costume wearing" | CGWORLD.jp

Today 's Fujinami VS Kanno wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww: What' s the stadium @ N J summary

51: Wind blowing if there is none @ \ (^ o ^) / 2016/09/06 (Tue) 13: 04: 48.52 ID: 0SHT70Vkd.net
April Kanno 4 wins Fujimami 3 wins
Wai "This year it's the biggest victory in Sugano and Fujimori"
September Kanno 8 wins Fujimami 6 wins
Wai "..."

【This CD is pakuri】

The left is a screenplay of children's play we published last year. ...

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News Releases | Company Information | Haagen-Dazs Häagen-Dazs

54 years history New development of Lake Ikebaya "glue salt" New product of popcorn "Pop-nau glue salt" Popcorn still has "glue salt"

Matcha raw chocolate new appearance from "Adult Ice Series"! Giant Corn , Papiko Monday, September 12, 2016 Monday, limited release | Glyco

[News] Bluetooth makes phone calls and music comfortable wirelessly! Released a headset that can enjoy stereo sound and a stereo earphone that can be operated with 1 button

Gyeogyo Life | Special Site | Takara Tomy Arts

VPL-VW5000 | Video projector | Sony

For LTE compatible smartphones, the lowest price of 7,800 yen, 4 inches small! Recommended for beginners of smaho "goo's smartphone" g06 reservation start | goo Press release

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