Headline news on November 10, 2016

Dyson, famous for cyclone technology, announced the white lighting task light "CSYS (Cissis) 4K" which cools the LED with heat pipe technology and accurately illuminates the required range with a powerful light.

Dyson releases "CSYS 4K" to accurately illuminate the required range with powerful light

CSYS 4K is a light with a cross-shaped design, you can adjust it freely according to the required position by moving it parallel and vertical just by touching with your fingertip. In addition, the base part is made of zinc alloy with weight and rotates 360 degrees.

With the CSYS task light series, it is possible to select products suitable for the application from two color temperatures including the new CSYS 4K. Both products adopt heat pipe technology to cool the heat emitted by the LED, and 8 high-power LEDs are arranged at 8 mm intervals.

CSYS 4K is scheduled to be released from Dyson Omotesando store, Dyson official online and each dealer from November 10, 2016 (Thursday). The price is 64,000 yen at the shop front reference price by tax.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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To the researchers | Taro Kono Official Site of the House of Representatives

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Heart transplant: false fund-raising interview, women apologize - Mainichi Newspaper

The press conference that calls for fund-raising for heart disease children who had been in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on August 8, was found false was found on the 9th. A woman in Tokyo (36) who held a press conference acknowledged falsehood and apologized. The content of the interview was already reported on some newspapers and TVs.

This blogThing. With cash:[Fudo] I received the news. | Rewards-saving party,(Cache) The press conference is over. . . Fuu. | Rewards-saving party

"President of Trump" is born - Yamaneko diary

President Trump is born. Even most media and experts had anticipated Mr. Clinton 's advantage, the tone of being a historical case went all over the world. There is no doubt that we are at a turning point in the era because the power that the President has and the ability to create the atmosphere of the times are still overwhelming. It is a new era that is comparable to President Nixon's opening the wind in the way of the international economy and the cold war structure through Nixon Shock, President Reagan redefined capitalism and ended the Cold War I think that it will be deaf.
Even though experts from around the world had predicted the election campaign, there was a big misreading so far because several factors overlapped. Firstly, I misread the population dynamics and voter turnout in the state that was supposed to support the Democratic Party of the North. Second, public opinion polls did not reflect people's true intention. And the third biggest thing is that we were chasing only the favorable figures without understanding the essence of playing cards, being stuck with biases. Let's see in order.

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On the other hand, Mr. Trump said, "I'd like to see you and have a positive discussion with a wonderful proposal, I highly appreciate the economic policies of Prime Minister Abe, I am looking forward to working.The relationship between Japan and the US is an outstanding partnership and I would like to further strengthen this special relationship. "

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KEISUI ART STUDIO | Kokuyo · Drilling punch "Raku" is fun.

New book of "Hillary New Government", Mr. Trump to the vision with victory: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Twitter COO resigns and "Destruction of my heart" and Dorsey tweets | Forbes JAPAN (Forbes Japan)

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Sid Meade - MEAD GUNDAM (book) Art collections that can be read as a practical book - Buttsu

Pazdola suspicion of business interruption with malicious software To president arrested by President | NHK News

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, to stop grade promotion! "Fire inside of myself has turned into a flame" and kiddingly ... Yasuda Riyuu et al. 7 Football tournament notice: footballnet [Football summary]

【Astonishment】 UEFA, CL announces prize money for 32 clubs! The amount is too many orders of magnitude ww

8: Samurai 24: 2016/11/9 (Wed) 19: 07: 54.69 ID: yk 3 / U + mQ 0
The winner club 10 billion, other than 3 billion to 5 billion images, but if it is a popular club it will not change almost without winning

Japan representative, Yuki Kobayashi "Tell me why I am loved in the Netherlands" by footballnet [Football Summary]

Capello's name is Messi's name for the best three people ever thinking: footballnet [soccer summary]

Gaga screaming at midnight "hate trump" NY protest placard in front of home - sponge Sponichi Annex performing arts

Kaiti Perry (32), one of the world's number one followers in the world, says "It's not sitting all the time, it does not cry, it will not be a country led by disgusted people." Singer Madonna (58) also posted protest words at Twitter, saying, "There is a new fire, we will never give up, and we will never yield."

Belgian coach DF Compagny (30) who is active in England Premier League Manchester C sports "Let's give power to stupid people around the world and see what happens next generation reality show." In addition, British writer J. K. Rowling (51), John Bon Jovi (54), Leonardo DiCaprio (42), Beyonce (35), etc. of Harry Potter series backed Mr. Clinton .

Even with the words of strong influential celebrities, I could not prevent President Cardamus' birth. Michael Moore director Michael Moore (62), a socialist movie murmur, "This is the end, but it's also the beginning." Mr. Trump emphasized in his victory speech "It is time to unite as a citizen," but the opposition from celebrities is unlikely to fit.

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(PDF) - A white raw chocolate "Chocolate powder chocolate thick milk" which imaged light and somber powdery snow for a limited time on November 15 (Tue)! Bourbon Co., Ltd.

(PDF) - Winter Limited "White" 9 items such as "Cafe de Blanc" with confectionery set are released on Tuesday, November 15! Bourbon Co., Ltd.

Hished potatoes first popular size! "Nori Salty Taste" Sequentially released from 11/11 (Friday) Used "Hokkaido" produced in Hokkaido harvested in the fall of 2016 | Press Release | MINISTOP

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