I took a convenient cheap bus company "Supershuttle" which will take me directly from the airport to the hotel

It is a way of traveling from the airport to the hotel by becoming a matter of trouble by all means overseas travel. Taxis are convenient, but expensive, transportation such as buses and trains are troublesome to move with heavy luggage. It will solve such troubles, from the airport Hotel & Hotel will deliver directly from the airport to the airport Cheap-to-get bus "Supershuttle"is. Supershuttle is deploying services at more than 40 airports all over the world, that it is delivered directly from the airport to the hotel by booking from the website, and the price is lower compared to taxis So, I actually tried using it.

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◆ Booking from website
This time we leave from Kansai International Airport and book a roundtrip from Los Angeles Airport to Hilton Anaheim in Anaheim. Open the above URL, select 'From Airport', board the bus, choose 'Los Angeles Airport (LAX)', 'Include a return trip?' To 'YES' and click 'Continue'.

On the page that opens, enter "Drop Off Location". If you enter "hilton anaheim" this time, candidates will come out right under, so if you choose the one that is appropriate then OK.

Set "Passengers (number of users)" to "1" and click "Continue".

Since the type of bus ticket is displayed, "SuperShuttleShared-Ride VanClick ".

Make sure "Trip Type" is "International" on the next page and click "Flight Arrival Date & Time". Since the calendar is displayed, click on the local date arriving at the airport, set the arrival time of the plane and click "Set".

Next, I chose airline to board from "Airline", it is hard to see, but click "Flight info". Since the list of flights arriving at the time you entered earlier is displayed, click on the flight in which you appear.

Make sure that "Arrival Flight Info" and "Flight Information" are correct and click "Continue".

Next, enter the return information. When "departure date & time" is entered in "Flight Date & Time", "Time set so that it can arrive at the airport three hours before the departure time" is displayed in the place of "Pick-Up Time" It will be. For example, if you set the departure time to "12:35 on November 6, 2016", the pickup time is set to "8:25 on November 6, 2016". People who say "You do not have to arrive at the airport three hours ago" can change the pickup time. From here on, just set up the airline and flight information to use and click "Continue" at the end.

On the next page you enter personal information. Set "Name", "Last name", "Mail", "Phone number", "Number of parcels" in turn, and uncheck "Send me discounts and promotions".

Scroll down the page and enter "credit card number" "security code" "expiration date of card" "postal code of card bill address" Click "Continue".

Since the total amount is displayed at the end, clicking "Book Now" is OK. The "$ 5.76" displayed in the middle of the page will be the tip you will pay to the driver and the total amount will be the sum of the round trip amount plus the tip price.

Reservation is completed if the screen is displayed as below. Print this page, shoot a screenshot, or make sure that you can see the confirmation e-mail sent later on the smartphone, you get on and off smoothly.

◆ After arrival at the airport
Arrived at Los Angeles airport.

When you arrive, go outside and follow the signs of "Shared Ride Vans" Tech Tec.

I found a platform of "Super Shuttle" in a place I can not walk two minutes.

Because there is a Super Shuttle staff under the signboard, show the page you printed out or show the confirmation mail you received will proceed with the check-in procedure.

This is a bus company. The blue car is so conspicuous that if you do not know the platform, you can reach the platform without trouble if you find a place where this car is stopped.

I will call out when the bus that I get on arrives, so I leave the luggage with the driver and get on.

There are three rows of three people in the car. By picking up a pair of buses, we will pick up customers for each terminal at the airport.

The driver is managing passengers with smartphones and said that they will wait properly even if the airplane is delayed.

I arrived at the hotel in about 40 minutes to be shaken by the bus while putting down and dropping out the customers.

The bus ran away as I took down the passengers.

◆ Return
I will try using the SuperShuttle application on the return.IOS version,Android versionInstall and launch the application and tap "Join Now".

Enter your Mail · Password · Password (for confirmation) and tap "Continue".

Enter "name" "surname" "phone number" and tap "Continue". It is OK to input the telephone number by unplugging the first "0".

Uncheck "Receive marketing emails with offers and discounts" and tap "Continue".

Tap "Permit".

When the home screen is displayed, tap the hamburger icon in the upper left.

Tap "My Trips".

The reservation details are displayed. The top is the return and the bottom is the outbound. Tap on the return trip reservation.

A map has opened. It represents the present location of the shuttle bus on which an icon like a truck boards. The shuttle bus seems to be just a little away from where I am now. "803" displayed at the bottom of the screen is the number of the shuttle bus to board. There may be many shuttle buses at a similar time, but if you remember the number you will not mistake them.

I have not got a bus yet, but I went outside the hotel. After all, there is no shuttle bus.

When I was looking at the map, the shuttle bus icon finally came near my current location.

At the same time the shuttle bus arrived in front of you. "803" is written at the back of the shuttle bus and it seems that this shuttle bus will make a mistake. If you answer "Yes" because the driver is asked for your name, it will be delivered to the terminal of the airport as it is.

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