President Obama talks to CEOs of Silicon Valley about the difference between "politics" and "business"

ByAK Rockefeller

Anti-governmentists insist that "governments should be operated like businesses" and lower corporate taxes, reduce regulations and reduce social planning. However, President Obama is frequently confronted with such views, and that attitude can also be seen from remarks in the event held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.Los Angeles TimesIt reports.

President Obama schools Silicon Valley CEOs on why government is not like business - LA Times

It was held at Carnegie Mellon University on October 13The White House Frontiers ConferenceWas meant for the government to take the initiative in the field of science technology. However, in this, President Obama said, "Although Silicon Valley may produce many excellent products that change the lives of people, methods that nurture such technology industry may not necessarily apply to the administration of the government "We spoke for several hours in front of CEOs of technology firms based in Silicon Valley.

In the event, President Obama is saying, "You can never operate the government in a way like Silicon Valley because democracy is dirty, democracy is big, and various concerns of various countries It has things, it has several different perspectives, and part of government's work is to handle problems that no one would like to handle in such society. "

The statement saying that "Part of the government's work is also to deal with problems that nobody wants to handle in such society" means that "the government wants the government to do business that any private company did not do anywhere It is also meaning "going", says Los Angeles Times.

BySteve Jurvetson

The reason why public works are not done by private enterprises is that "jobs are too huge or too complex". Because the scale is too large or cumbersome, private companies have not found any potential interests among them. The fact that the Department of Defense had developed ARPANET, the prototype of the Internet, is exactly "The Internet is huge and complex, so private companies can not find potential interests and the government had no choice but to work" A typical case, Los Angeles Times pointed out.

Besides, it is in the Colorado River in AmericaHoover DamCan also be cited as examples. California farmers and city supporters agreed to use the Colorado River to build a dam for flood control and hydroelectric power generation. However, the breakdown consists of farmers who wish to draw waterways, there is a power company that wants to construct a power station, there is a city that wants to draw electricity to the city and want to pass electricity to the factory and road There was a different way of thinking. This project succeeded because the federal government has taken command.

ByRalph Arvesen

Silicon Valley executives frequently say, "We will destroy the system", but such actions do much more damage within the industry than third parties. For example Uber and Lyft may have had great benefits for people looking for taxis and founder of each company, but the demand for traditional taxi drivers is definitely diminishing. If it says who is helping these "people who were the victim of the new business", it is the government, for example, the Ministry of Labor or the National Labor Relations Committee.

These episodes tell us that even 'infrastructure development relies on legal precautions and security guarantees provided by the government.'

By the way, not only President Obama has this idea, Senator Elizabeth Warren said in 2012 "There is no one in this country self-motivated and wealthy, nobody You built a factory That is wonderful, but you need to use the road to sell the items you made at the factory.This is what we created by the government.When you plant We educated the workers employed at the company, "our government as well as President Obama insists on the difference between politics and business.

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