Google is developing technology to change video in real time to Van Gogh's style

The term used in the field of art means "imitation of a work" meaning "Paste teaThere is what is called. An application that can apply a painting-like filter to photographed photos "PrismaAre also a type of pass teas, and these applications and software use the technology called Style Transfer which renders images like art works, but Google uses Style Transfer further and real time We are developing technology to change images like art works.

The following movies contain images of changing the images shot in real time into various art styles.

Webcam demo picabo - YouTube

If you add Georges Rouault's "Bust of a Clown" (Style) to the captured image (Content), it will be the rightmost pass tee. It is said that it is realized using the technology called Style Transfer.

Google developed a technology called A Single Style Transfer Network which developed Style Transfer using Convolutional Neural Networks which is a type of machine learning. At the top left of the screenWassily KandinskyRaise the knob of the painting "Schwarzer Fleck" to the far right, you can see that the style of this painting is attached to the image.

Next timeVincent van GoghWhen raising the knob of "Ronune River's Star Moon Night", two kinds of styles were added to the dog image.

When the "Schwarzer Fleck" knob is set to zero, it turns into a picture like a "star moon night of the Rhone river".

Coroman MoserAdd "Ornament for flat surfaces" style like this.

If you set the knob of "Ronune River's Starry Moon Night" to zero, it will only reflect the style of "Ornament for flat surfaces". What is being processed in real time is the level that I feel as "amazing" even if I am amateur.

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