What happens if you let Gogh's picture be drawn on a computer?

The evolution of artificial intelligence is remarkable, and it judges the traffic situation in the surroundings and drives automaticallyAutomatic driving carAndA supercomputer that gives an accurate answer that is indistinguishable from humansAnd others have appeared, "In this wayIs not the robot robbing human's work?"The voice that worries is raised. Among intellectual actions, it has been thought that computers are less than human beings in the "art" field, but the computer algorithm that continues to evolve seems to be understanding artistry such as Van Gogh and Picasso .

Extending Van Gogh's Starry Night with Inpainting-Wolfram Blog

Mona LisaYasunflowerA masterpiece such as a masterpiece such as the art work which should also be called a shared property of mankind is about exclusive specialist who restores degradation with the passage of time. In order to repair the actual painting it is necessary to have a skill of a craft with a high technology, but if it is a digitized masterpiece, it is possible to retouch relatively easily using Photoshop software.

Furthermore, by improving the algorithm, it is also possible to repair digital painting almost automatically. The above photo (left) shows scratches as if Lincoln was scraped. The photo above (right) shows that this scratch is recognized by the computer. And, it was the bottom picture that cleared all the scratches that I recognized from the photographs clean and clean, and this repair has already been doneWolframofInpaintIt can be realized with option code.

You can also erase people in the image with Inpaint's option code. The computer (right) recognized the two ladies in the photo above (left) and erased it.

Beyond the range that can be called "modification" like this, the computer reached the level of saying "creation" is the following "Extrapolated ArtTechnology called. With this technique you can "extend" the picture with the same taste. For example,Van Goghof"Star moonliday"...

Extended interpretation possible with this feeling. Outside the original star moon night in the center, the world expanded with Van Gogh's taste is spreading.

Extrapolated Art is an algorithm created by Mr. Yallin Gall studying machine learning to extend a picture to a computer, and an annual contest by the Faculty of Engineering, Cambridge University "The art of engineering: images from the frontiers of technologyI am awarded the Silver Award.

On Mr. Gal's homepage, an attempt to expand various famous works "to computers" has been made public and you can confirm the evolution of the computer.

Extrapolated art - Cambridge Machine Learning Group | Yarin Gal

Monet"Water Lilies" is ...

Extended interpretation possible with this feeling.

Picasso"Portrait of Daniel = Henry · Khan Weiler" is ... ...

It will be like this.

furtherMiyazaki Hayao'Howl's Moving Castle' ...

Natural finish like this.

But,Hokusaiof"Thirty-six scenic spots(Kanagawa Okinawa)"...

It has become somewhat strange.

Computer art has reached the level of "copy (duplication)" to "monomane (original arrangement)". The day when computer art reaches the "creation" area beyond the monomane area, it seems not so far.

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