The bug of World War I FPS "Battlefield 1" where an airship is made into a flame tornado and crashes is overwhelming

It will become the latest work of popular FPS series "Battlefield 1 (Battlefield 1)"Is a FPS game set in Europe in the first world world, the concept that was the theme of the past world of World War I as the 12th work of the series was talked about, but in 2016 In the blink of an eye on the release on October 21Explosive hitIs recorded. While movies that played such Battlefield 1 are being uploaded one after the other on the internet, a person who discovered a spectacular graphic bug that suddenly sprung a flight wrapped in a tornado and crashed appeared .

Downed Battlefield 1 Zeppelin Turns Into Fire Tornado - News -

The state of "Fire Tornado" that JesseJames 106 first discovered can be seen from the following.

Well that escalated quickly ...

It is the fact that it is wrapped in flames in front of the player and is crashing because of the German huge airship "LZ 127(Count of Zeppelin) ".

Together with the announcement that "We have defeated", I think that the Lee Zeppelin will crash the ground ......

For some reason it floated up. Where the player was looking at the situation ......

Suddenly the Count of Zeppelin became flame tornado. It rotates at an impossible speed, spreading the fire pillar around the area, and showing dangerous extreme movements.

The fire pillar which spreads to the surroundings becomes intense, the behavior of the unrealistic airship is the end of the century.

Eventually the flame tornado began to fit ...

In what a moment the Count of Zeppelin has disappeared.

There seemed to be many others who encountered the same bug, some of whom died by the flame tornado.

Running around the battlefield, I found a far-reaching sky wrapped in a large fire. The player repeats "What the hell? (What is it all?)".

Eventually a tornado spewing fire pillar occurred.

When I was watching the botanical tornado, it became a gigantic iron column heated up to begin to fall down towards players ......

Damage judgment despite bugs.

He died in a blow.

On Monday, October 24Distribution of the latest updateAlthough it is not mentioned about the fix of this bug, there is a possibility of encountering similar bugs for a while for a while.

As for the view of the world of Battlefield 1, it should be understood well by looking at the official launch trailer.

Battlefield 1: Official Launch Trailer - YouTube

By the way, in Japan Amazon has already posted more than 160 reviews of Battlefield 1, and some powerful comments that attract users who have not purchased are also visible.

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