I tried using GoPro 's flagship machine "HERO 5 Black" which made it easy to use with simple operation and also equipped with anti - shake feature

Flagship machine "GoPro HERO 5 Black" for the first time in 2 years from GoPro was announced in September 2016. From the model of this time, the buttons on the front were abolished, the operation system became simple, the ease of use improved, and furthermore, the "image stabilization function" that reduces the image shaking was introduced, Actually I touched a new GoPro packed with functions suitable for flagship, such as being able to operate by voice.

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GoPro HERO 5 Black arrived at the editorial department. Compared with the conventional model, the periphery of the lens has a square shape, and the body color has also been changed to dark gray.

Looking at the main body side lens side, you can see that the main body and the lens cover are integrated.

On the side of the other side, a power / mode switch button.

A liquid crystal display is mounted on the back.

It is the number of buttons that changed significantly in the HERO 5 generation. In the past three buttons, the buttons on the front have been eliminated and moved to the side. This simplifies operation and improves usability. Recording / shooting buttons are placed on the top as usual.

There is a cover on the bottom of the main unit, so that the battery and the microSD card are built in. Rubber packing is attached to the lid, preventing entry of water and dust.

Opening the cover next to the lens has an HDMI output terminal and a USB Type-C terminal. We also installed rubber packing in this part to ensure waterproofness.

The liquid crystal display on the front of the main body follows the design up to the previous model. However, it seems that the layout has changed and the visibility is improving.

It is like this when it fits in a case. Since GoPro HERO 5 Black has a waterproof / dustproof main body, the conventional transparent case is no longer necessary.

Liquid crystal display also fits into the case in the exposed state.

You can see the state of the main unit and the state of operation of the new touch-type UI in the following movie.

GoPro HERO 5 Black Review the body and UI - YouTube

When side by side with GoPro HERO 4 Black (left), the size of HERO 5 Black is enlarged one size. Therefore, you can not divert conventional cases, but the joints of the accessories are common.

The thickness of the main body is also up like this.

That is why I went shooting with a special mount fitted with the old and new models. However, as we know that the image unique to GoPro is inherited to HERO 5 Black as it is, this time we focus on the effect of "image stabilization function" mounted on HERO 5 Black, the so-called "camera shake prevention function" I tried to review.

Using the two new and old GoPro, the movie which summarizes the difference of the picture that can be taken is a kore. Although it seems that there is almost no need to talk about the basic picture of GoPro anymore, the most remarkable point is that it can be said that it is a video stabilization function. As a mechanism, it is making a stable image possible by cutting a part of the image according to the shaking of the camera body, but this function was added to GoPro which is also used to hold a state of intense action It is a very big merit. Jogging, skiing, cycling, and even sports with intense movements, it was a finish that seemed to leave pretty easy-to-see images.

I examined the effect of the image stabilization function of "GoPro HERO 5 Black" - YouTube

GoPro HERO 5 Black is sold at GoPro's online store etc. with tax price of 47,000 yen. Amazon also sells it at a tax-included price of 5760 yen.

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