I've been eating a spicy junkie with a large amount of red peppers filling up vessels

There are various kinds such as soy sauce, Tonkotsu, miso and salt in ramen, but the thing originating from Sichuan Province of China where minced meat etc. entered in soup which is tasty and spicy is the calli noodles. Originally a spicy spicy noodle, but it has only been introduced to the bowl just by introducing a large amount of chili peppers'Huang Hanba Bamboo noodlesIt is said that what is to be served in Roppongi's Aoiro Karudado, so I actually ate it.

There is a shop in Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line · Roppongi Station 2 exit 2 from the exit 2.

I arrived at the Blue Dragon Tamado in Roppongi at once.

Outside the shop there was a sign that knows a part of the menu.

The inside of the store looks like the same as the appearance with such feeling. Since I visited the store around 16 o'clock, the number of customers was sparse.

The menu is like this, but various items are prepared only by the noodle dressing alone, but this time I ordered two of "Heng Han Bamboo noodles (850 yen in tax)" and "Red tomato Bamboo noodles (880 yen in tax)".

Hanban Bunkyo noodles arrived after ordering for a while. It is overwhelmed by its appearance and the smell of peppers and peppers.

A huge amount of peppers are included in Ho Han Bamboo Noodle.

The roundish one is chili peppers. Various things such as sanshoes and sesame seeds are blended into the soup.

That soup is this. The surface of the soup is covered with a film of rice oil, and soup like something like pepper crushed finely is obscured.

I thought, "Maybe noodles are not in it and the peppers are just floating ...?", But there was firm noodles under the red pepper. That's why I actually eat it. If you try to rinse noodles, even if noodles are in your mouth you will get coughful with the intense scent of soup. When eating it actually, the intense harshness of rice oil and red pepper stimulates the brain and it is a level of pain that has never been tasted anyway. To be sure, the umami of minced meat and sesame seeds are also blended in the soup, but the overwhelming presence that covers it is exerted by the spicy oil and pepper. It is also possible to eat chili peppers and morning glory peppers inside, and morning glory peppers were less impressed than ordinary peppers. However, the majority of people may be suffering from hotness at the time of the soup, not far from eating chili.

At the bottom of the soup, plenty of ground meat and sanshoe are sinking abundantly. I tried and error while eating while trying various kinds of Han Han Bamboo noodles I discovered and discovered it by cutting the soup to the limit, eating plenty of ground meat and sanshaw plenty and eating it with noodles, the distinctive flavor of Sansho is almost complete of the chilli peppers It means that it will cancel it. Hanban Bamboo noodles as they go out to eat, anyway the mouth and the mouth tighten, the mouth gets tickled and the whole mouth hurts even with a little spicy, the chopsticks do not progress easily, but strange things to eat together sanshoos together I feel almost no spicy, you can taste noodles and soup until the end. However,Word of mouthYaPersonal blogIt seems there are some people who flatten out with perori in peaceful fashion as I look at, etc. I realized the depth of the inner part of the policeman.

This is a red noodle with red tomato ordered together.

The tomato is totally contained one piece is the characteristic noodles.

The same shrunk noodles as the huge Hanbai Bamboo noodles are used and the spicyness is considerably moderate when compared with the Huang Han Blessing noodles. In the soup, hotness of chilli and umami of minced meat, sweetness of tomato and so on mixed together and completeness is considerably high.

After eating Huang Hanbian Bamboo noodles and eating red tomatoes garlic noodle tomatoes, I enjoyed the incredible sweetness.

There are 4 shop dumpling Tamado of Bamboo Noodle specialty store in Tokyo and Chiba, the Roppongi store visited this time is open from Monday to Saturday from 11 o'clock to 7 o'clock the next morning, Sunday from 11 o'clock to 5 o'clock the following morning It is sales.

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