"D5500a Cooled" optimized for astronomical photography with noise reduction cooling unit mounted on Nikon D5500

Nikon's digital single lens reflex camera "D5500"And equipped with a cooling unit, modified the sensor filter for H aα line and remodeled for astrophotographyD5500a Cooled"Is produced and sold by an astronomical observation equipment maker in Italy called Primaluce Lab.

Nikon D5500a Cooled DSLR camera

The D5500 is a camera belonging to entries in the lineup of several Nikon digital SLR cameras.

The D5500a Cooled manufactured by Primaluce Lab is equipped with a cooling system for reducing the noise by suppressing the temperature of the image sensor to 27 ° C at the maximum in the D5500 and a condensation prevention stem for suppressing condensation during operation of the cooling system. Since the battery also serves as a heat source, we do not use ordinary camera battery, but supply special power by inserting a dedicated adapter in the battery slot.

In addition, the sensor filter on the front of the camera is replaced with a sensor filter that captures Hα line area well.

A graph showing the transmittance of each filter is shown below. The usual filter (blue line) is about 30% at "Hα line" where the wavelength is between 600 nm and 700 nm. However, the filter with the D5500a Cooled (orange line) has a value close to 100%.

Pictures taken with D5500a Cooled actually seems to be like this.

In Nikon it is a digital single lens reflex cameraD 810Based on the body of, we changed the optical characteristics of the optical filter to correspond to Hα lines and dedicated it for astrophotographyD 810 AAlthough it is put in the lineup, from the person of the Primaluce Lab, it seems that it is thought "It should do this thoroughly" .... By the way, the filter of D5500a Cooled is about the same performance as D810A.

The price is 2190 euros (about 250,000 yen). D810A is Nikon DirectTax included 418,500 yenSo, to be able to obtain it considerably cheaply ... ....

Likewise, Canon's EOS 700D (model name in Japan isEOS Kiss X 7i) Has been remodeled 700 Da Cooled is also on sale. The price is 1790 euros (about 20,500 yen).

Canon 700 Da Cooled camera

Camera raffreddata 700 Da Cooled - YouTube

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