Processor "Epiphany-V" with 1024 cores per chip has appeared

Fabless semiconductor development companyAdaptevaIs a RISC processor that contains a tremendous number of cores, 1024 cores in one chip "Epiphany-VWe have successfully developed the development of. Epiphany-V boasts more than 36% of the number of transistors exceeding the iPhone 7 A10 chip, manufacturing of samples has already begun at TSMC.

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Epiphany-V is a 1024 core 64 bit RISC processor that supports 64 bit memory and is manufactured with 16 nm process rule. With 450 million transistors, the same die size boasts an integration density of 36% higher than Apple's latest processor A 10,HPCAdapteva has announced that it is 80 times better processor density and 3.6 times higher memory density compared to the processor for high performance.

"Epiphany-V is not designed for games, and Epiphany-V is developed for real-time image processing, automatic driving, machine learning, etc." Andreas Olofson of founder Adapteva said , It can handle a large number of parallel operations with low power consumption, so it is appealing that it is an excellent chip with versatility. "Although Epiphany-V is not designed for PC use, core hardware enthusiasts can also make Linux machines using Epiphany-V," he says.

In addition, Mr. Olofsson argues that Epiphany-V is superior to x86 chip in watt performance per square millimeter of processor size, helping to build small servers. Epiphany-V is already manufacturing the sample using the 16 nm FinFET process at the foundry TSMC, and the sample version is expected to be completed after 4 or 5 months. Adapteva states on the official website that it will disclose power consumption and frequency before the sample version is completed.

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