Bees can become teachers, students, and can teach each other about technology


The beeIt is possible to count up to 4 numbersso,You can show positive emotionsIt is clarified from past research. And, according to the latest research, it became clear that "bees can tell each other new technology".

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"The bee becoming" student "can learn new technology by seeing bee act that becomes" instructor "Queen MaryA research team led by Clint J. Perry, a cognitive scientist who studies the brains of animals. Mr. Perry first taught a bee a complicated behavior of "to take out and return the round plate on which flower nectar was placed from under the acrylic resin plate" which never remembered in nature.

You can see the state of the bee which takes out the honey of the flower sandwiched under the acrylic resin board from the following movie.

Watch This Bee Pull a String to Get Nectar, a Move She Just Learned - YouTube

There are three round plates under the acrylic resin board.

Here comes the bee ... ...

He pulled out a thread connected to the plate with a plate.

And get the honey of the flower in the middle of the splendid plate.

The research team taught the process of "having flower nectar in round plate", "pulling thread", "returning plate after gaining nectar", bees gained technology in average 5 hours. In addition, when I showed how many times the technology-acquired bees got nectar to other bees in the case, the bee who did not teach the process directly, too, was able to master the technology. It seems that 60% of the "beekei" bees showed how honey is obtained about 10 times, when it is released under tricks, it was able to get honey within 5 minutes.

On the other hand, it was time to take the bee that we skipped along with the bee that got the technology instead of "gathering in the case", but in the end I saw a state of learning the technology. And even after the bee who acquired technology and became "instructor" died, other bees continued to obtain honey in the same way as the instructor did.

This research showed the possibility that actions that researchers thought researchers "complicated", such as teaching technology, are actually simple in fact. Also, it is now thought that a large brain is necessary for complicated cognitive functions, but the possibility that the size does not necessarily become a problem also comes out.

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