A parrot proves to be able to learn from how to use and how to use tools

Living in IndonesiaShorobitime daumumFold the version of the tree with a beakbush "Wand Tool"Or,Unlock complicated trick boxI have enough intelligence to do it. As a result of continuing the research of the Shirobi-Timesumium, it was confirmed that by learning how to make friends who developed the tool, it possesses learning ability to learn the same technique.

Cockatoos can learn from each other how to make and use tools | Science / AAAS | News

The wild Shirobi-Timesumium does not produce and use tools, but in 2012 "Shiro Timaumium's" Figaro "creates a wand tool from the wooden board to take out food in the net I surprised the researchers by using it. In addition, the Australian research team conducted experiments under the hypothesis that "How can figaro companions learn how to make tools?"

First of all, there are two groups of three male and female groups each. On the other hand, the demonstrator of Figaro, on the other side, showed the researcher reproducing Figaro demonstration using the magnets hidden under the table. After that, we will observe how we act by placing the wand tool used in the demonstration in front of the net containing the nuts. As a result, in the group who saw Figaro's demonstration, both male and female made efforts to imitate Figaro's movement and use a cane, but finally it was able to successfully take out nuts from two male only. Also, the group who saw the demonstration of researchers could not succeed even one.

In addition, you can see the movie you saw by placing a wooden board as a material of the wand tool in front of the two male who can use the cane from the following.

Goffin cockatoos: tool-making - YouTube

Figaro with wand tool creation ability will demonstrate in front of "Kiwi".

In front of the cage containing kiwi, there are baskets and wooden plates with the same food as before.

Figaro is released, and plants of wood are added.

I successfully broke up with beaks and created a cane.

Figaro pulls nuts by inserting a cane in the middle of the net. You can see that Kiwi in the basket is watching the situation curiously.

Release the kiwi that saw the demonstration before the same experiment set.

Pick up the wooden plate at once ... ...

Kiwi keeps his wooden plate with his feet and breaks with Paki Paki with a beakbush.

The wand tool is complete so much.

Insert the wand tool from the floor and draw the nuts. It has also been confirmed that it has a certain degree of creativity distinction to develop a better method because it does not copy Figaro's behavior completely. Therefore, Scholastic Time Geium can learn by watching how to create a tool and develop techniques suitable for himself, so "researchers can talk with each other as teachers" It is.

In addition, you can see the movie that unlocks the five locks which further understands the intelligence height of Shirobi timeimeumium from the following.

Cockatoos solve complex puzzles, pick five locks to get food - YouTube

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