Obviously the bumblebee has a positive emotion of pleasure

Not only humans but also animals are known to have feelings, but it became clear that insect bees also have positive emotions.

The Sweet Emotional Life of Bees - The New York Times

So farBees have a negative emotionAlthough it was known, the research teams such as Professor Clint Perry of the University of London found that the bumblebee has a positive feeling of joy and changes the pattern of behavior by emotion.

Professor Perry et al. Repeatedly put a colored plate in the feed place to give water, with sugar-containing water when it was blue, and simply water in the case of other colors. Then the bumblebee was found that when the blue plate containing the sugar is displayed, the speed towards the feeding place is faster than in other colors. In other words, Professor Perry concluded that bumblebee, which was found to be given a reward, has a positive emotion from expressing joy in the body.

In addition, in the situation where it is attacked by predators such as spiders and released after being captured for a while, it seems that the bumblebee, who was given sugar water, recovered from the fear experience was early, the positive emotion It is also clear that it negates minus emotions like fear.

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