How to ask a third in-flight meal other than "chicken or beef" by airplane

Although it is common to press two choices such as "beef or chicken?" Or "fish or beef?" When it is said that the flight meal is in-flight meals, by making an order in advance,Special in-flight mealIt is also possible to select the menu " What kind of foods are offered in special in-flight meals? Because I was concerned about it, I actually tried ordering.

This time I ordered a special flight meal of Dutch Airlines. First, access the following web page.

Special in-flight meal -

Click the part called "order for special in-flight meal".

To change to a special in-flight meal, you must first log in with a Dutch Airlines account or reservation code. For this time, select "Login with Reservation Code".

After entering your booking code and last name and clicking "Login" ......

The reservation details of the ticket are displayed.

Among them, click on the part of "Customer's meal", "Select special meal catering, religion, respond to health needs".

It is now possible to select special meal in the outward and return directions respectively as follows.

Although the content of the special in-flight meal varies depending on each airline company, Dutch Airlines "Vegetarian (dairy products / egg use)" "Vegetarian Vegan" "No lactose food" "Religious food Islam" "Low salt diet" Low fat diet "" Religious food · Judaism "" Religious food · Hinduism "" Gluten free food "" Diabetic food "" For children "" Asian (Hinsu) · Vegetarian "There were 12 kinds.

For this time, please select "Asian (Hindu) · Vegetarian" on the outbound route, "Religious diet · Islam" on the returning route and click "Select".

The reservation is completed.

That's why the in-flight meal delivered together with the word "Special meal for you" is like this. Firstly from Asian (Hindu) · vegetarian menu.

Asian (Hindu) · vegetarian said that meals with spices such as curry are often delivered, but when opening the main lid, some of the rice was cooked with vegetables and tofu. When I tried it, sauce rice with a Japanese style taste that makes you feel the taste of vegetables firmly. Even if meat is not contained, there is never enough and there is big fried tofu, so it gathers in your stomach.

The side dishes are mushroom marinade, cucumber · leafy vegetables · lemon salad, desserts jelly. A side dish 's side dishes & dessert often see a rich combination like "pasta salad and cake", but it was a very refreshing combination.

It is the same as ordinary in - flight meal that bread and water are on.

At this time, as meals for vegetarians, it was not mere butter to spread to bread, it was margarine.

The usual in-flight meal is like this. Not only the main but also the contents of salads and desserts are different from special diet. Bread was not delivered in bags but was bare and distributed.

When I looked at the back side of a bag with bags attached to a special meal, eggs and dairy products are not included in raw materials, and specifications are different from ordinary bread. When I ate it, the surface was slightly hard and the texture was whitish, and it was finished in hard bread instead of fluffy.

And, the special flight meal of the second Asian (Hindu) · vegetarian is like this.

This was not something that also contained spices, but the main spring roll is a solid flavor with a flavor that is unbelievable as not having meat in it. Stir frying vegetables was slightly Chinese style.

Salad is simple vegetable salad, dessert is cut fruit.

Dressing was also refreshing of vinegar.

Continue, return.Muslim Friendly Menu Offered at Yanmar HeadquartersHe did not stay in Middle Eastern dishes such as Korean style bibimbap, but I will see how it feels like "religious diet · Islam" ordered on return.

The main is to stir fried chickenGravy sourceIt is a thing multiplied.

Large grainCouscousAnd stir - fried colorful vegetables such as paprika and zucchini are added.

Couscous is a granular pasta that can be eaten frequently in the Middle East, but gravy sauce chicken is rather seasoned in Europe. Chicken meat has mellow sauce and it has a juicy taste.

Salad is a simple vegetable salad, dessert is cut fruit.

Unlike going out, it is not a vegetarian meal, so put on butter for bread.

Dressing is provided in a small bottle.

Looking at the back side, raw materials such as lemon juice, acetic acid, sugar, dill, basil.

It is not ethnic, but it is refreshing creamy flavor.

Special meal meals are served at an earlier timing than usual in-flight meals, so we finish eating when usual in-flight meals & bread is provided. It may be beneficial that we do not wait for the in-flight meal to be deferred while the timing of the toilet is off with other passengers.

Special food meal in the second meal of "religious diet · Islam" ... ...

What a fluffy exquisite omelet is soaked in tomato sauce and fry mushrooms.

In the position where the salad was placed there was a little custardy sweet yoghurt, bread butter and cut fruit in dessert.

Although the contents of meals provided by flight and airline companies are different, it can not be said unconditionally, but regarding the in-flight meal of Dutch Air we ate this time, even if it is "Hindu food" "Islamic food", ethnic dish It does not seem to be provided. However, when we refer to in-flight meals, we often have a carbohydrate on parade called "cakes for soy sauce, served with side dishes, desserts in main dish", but the vegetarian diet and Muslim diet ordered this time will be a simpler recipe Because of that, vegetables and fruits were so much that the stomach did not get too heavy after eating. To the contrary, it seems that it might be a little unsatisfactory for those who want to eat gatsuri.

Special flight meals can be ordered also by air carriers other than Dutch Airlines. For example, JAL international flights can be ordered "vegetarian meal", "vegetarian meal of raw vegetables" "Oriental vegetarian meal" "7 items allergen compatible meal" "27 items allergen compatible meal" " "Digestible diet" "Diabetes meal" "Low gluten meal" "Low fat meal" "Low salinity meal" "Low calorie meal" "Low lactose meal" "Seafood meal" "Fruit meal" "Hindu vegetarian meal" " Hinduism Meal "" Jewish Meal "" Muslim Meal "" Jainism Vegetarian Meal ".

JAL international flights - Special meal in-flight (in-flight service)

ANA international flights are "vegetarian meal" "strict vegetarian meal" "vegetarian hindu meal" "hindu meal" "muslim meal / moslem meal" "jewish meal" "jinian vegetarian meal" "diabetes-aware meal" "low salt Mir "" Low fat meal "" Low calorie meal "can be selected.

Special meal meal (special meal) | At airport / in-flight [international flight] | ANA

Air France can choose from "Indian vegetarian" "vegetarianism" "Obo Lact Vegetarian" "Hindu" "Halal" "Kosher".

Special meal

The following Hindu Vegetarian meals are offered at Air France: This is a business class meal.

byArne Meyer

Likewise, it seems that Hindu Vegetarian food breakfast is like this.

Air Canada is "Asian style vegetarian meal" "Diabetic food" "Fruit plate" "Gluten free food" "Hindu diet" "Jewish food" "Muslim food" "Low calorie food" "Low fat diet" "Low lactose diet" "Vegetarian meal (not including eggs and dairy products)" "Vegetarian meal (including eggs and dairy products)" "Vegetarian Oriental meal" can be selected. - special meal meal - international flights

The menu of Asian vegetarian / Hindu diet / Islamic food of economy class actually provided was said to be vegetable curry · couscous · nan.


There are many kinds of Singapore Airlines in particular, and in addition to the special in-flight meal such as the above religious foods and health reasons, "Meals not to use food for stimulating the stomach for cooking" or "Wheat, rye, barley, auto There are also things such as "meal not using any wheat, rice bran", "meal not including peanuts and beans", "mainly puree, minced, digestible food".

Special diet

The Muslim food of Singapore Airlines looks like this.

byRudy Herman

Emirates Airlines "Asian Vegetarian Meal" "Hindu Diet" "Jewish Diet" "Jainism Vegetarian Meal" "Muslim Food" "Small Diet" "Diet for Diabetes" "Assortment of Fruits" "No Gluten meal "" Low calorie diet "" Low cholesterol / Low fat diet "" Salt reduced "" No lactose meal "" Vegetarian meal "" Vegetarian meal containing dairy and egg "" Nuts or peanuts Allergic customers "can choose from.

Request for in-flight special meals | Basic information | Schedule & reservation | Emirates Japan

The vegetarian diet of Emirates Airlines has the following feeling.


· December 23, 2017 (Sat) Postscript:
Since there was opportunity to ride Japan - UK flight of JAL, I also ordered in "Hindu (Asian) vegetarian" again here. Although it was Japanese food for the flight to the Netherlands, Indian curry is mainly because Indian food is said to be delicious in the UK.

Curry with tomato base mushrooms. It was pretty spicy, sometimes called Japan departure, and the rice was Japanese rice.

Spicy bean salad flavored with eggplant and zucchini pickles and cumin and chili.

Steamed vegetables are simply eaten with lemon.

The dessert was Brownie.

The second meal looks like the following.

The main is not curry, fried turmeric rice and vegetables with spices.

Italian style salad with olives and others, salad with leafy vegetables to squeeze lemon and eat.

Dessert is cut fruit.

In addition, salads came out on the main dish.

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