McDonald 's "Macklib" was cooked by the chef all day with the highest quality

One of McDonald 's menus "Mc Rip"Is a cheap and easy-to-eat menu, American chefs handmade McLive from the best all day,"Best Mack RibThe movie that makes up the movie has appeared. A considerable amount of time is being sprinkled, but if you cook on the streets of the movie you should be able to eat the same thing.

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"McLive" appeared in McDonald's in the USA in 1981, and sales are still ongoing.

There seems to be a case where McLibe sometimes does not sell depending on stores,McRib LocatorMakuribu is one of the popular products in the United States, such as there is a service that can search McLive sales store.

I do not sandwich the spare ribs with the buns, but I bake the minced meat spare rib shaped moldy patties, paint a special barbecue sauce, slice onions and pickles on top.

It is the purpose of this movie to evolve such McLibs to "the best McLive" by topmost materials and cooking methods. It is said that it will take time to spend a full day, but if all the family make it, it will be the best Sunday.

The first spice to make is spice rubbed in spare ribs.

Materials include onion powder (1 tablespoonful), garlic powder (1 tablespoonful), dry oregano (1 tablespoon), dried coriander (1 teaspoon), black pepper (2 teaspoons), powder mustard (4 teaspoons)Kosher salt(1/4 cup), brown sugar (1/3 cup), paprika powder (1/3 cup).

Complete it if you mix everything in a bowl etc.

Next we will spare spare ribs.

I firmly grind the special spice that I made earlier on the surface. The salt contained in the special spice acts on the protein of the meat and can confine juicyness.

Put smoked wood in BBQ stove ......

I will smoke slowly and let through the fire. The kind of smoke wood is that Hickory or Mesquite is recommended.

By smoking over time at a temperature of 107 degrees to 135 degrees, it will be finished in a juicy texture.

After baking it is finished by painting the barbecue sauce, but the source is also full of enthusiasm to make from sauce rather than from the market.

Materials for barbecue sauce include hot sauce (2 teaspoons), cider vinegar (2 tablespoons), Worcester sauce (2 tablespoons), brown mustard (1 tablespoon), onion chopped (small one ball), molasses (one quarter cup), ketchup (1/2 cup), chicken stock (1 cup).

After putting it all in the pot, add 2 tablespoons of special spice for spare ribs.

Combine sturdy until thick, and complete.

I paint this barbecue sauce on the spare rib after the smoked finish.

Very tasty spare ribs are ready.

In the commercial at that time, there is a scene that "there is no bone although it is a spare rib," Macklib's patty has no ribs.

So I will remove the bones from the baked spare ribs.

Place this in the buns ......

Place sliced ​​onions and pickles from the top.

Completion of specially made McLib if it is pinched further by the bun ... .... I thought that "McLive is a patty of minced meat?" A voice of doubt came up.

That's why I made Patty.

We cut 1 kg of pig's shoulder meat in a block shape ......

Grind Kosher Salt 12 g, sugar 12 g.

I will make it finer over the food processor.

I thought, "Where the spare ribs of a little while ago ... ...", I cut it finely and put it in a food processor.

Patty is now ready.

I lay a cooking sheet on the bat and spread the patties.

Cover it with a cooking sheet from the top and stretch it in a thin and square shape OK.

If I cut it to four it became a patty of McLive.

Bake at once with high temperature grill.

Sprinkle special spices ......

Grill both sides and grill it.

I prepared it if I painted barbecue sauce here.

It is enough momentum to be able to produce the highest quality Macklib, but I will handmade to pickles. Slicing cucumbers for pickles ...

Put Kosher Salt (1 tablespoon), White Vinegar (1 cup), Water (1 cup) in the pan.

Put a raw dill (2 branches), mustard seed (2 teaspoons), black pepper fruit (2 teaspoons), slice onion (2 cookies), red pepper (1 knob) and boil it.

If you get hot, put it in a container with cucumber ... ...

If you coat lid with kitchen paper etc from the top and soak it for 30 minutes, you can eat delicious pickles at Shakiyaki.

Although it seems that bread may be commercially available, if you say "I want to make everything homemade!", I also have separately baked recipes and it seems to fit well with McLive.

That's why when you pinched everything, "the best McLive" was completed.

It seems to be very tasty barbecued sauce that is slick.

The section looks something like this.

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