Mario's creator's parent Shigeru Miyamoto talks about "Super Mario 64"

The Mario series's first 3D action game released in 1996 and recording more than 13 million world titles is "Super Mario 64"is. I think many people are memorizing memories with the controller of the unique design of NINTENDO 64, but the interview contents that Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto who is the creator of Mario, the parent of Mario's creation, has been released to the development confidential of such Super Mario 64.

Super Mario 64 - 1996 Developer Interviews

"I think that all the users who played Super Mario 64 were excited in front of TV, but how about thinking it is quite different from the game of Nintendo so far?" In the same game Shigeru Miyamoto who served as a producer and director said, "(in 1981)Donkey KongSince it appeared, I was conscious of the development of games that users are excited to sell games and stimulate greed. We have undergone development under the same idea in Super Mario 64, "he says.

In the interview Mr. Miyamoto commented that the eternal theme in game design for himself "each player has their own perspective". What does this mean, Mr. Miyamoto does not want to "play Super Mario 64's stage by applying it to existing methods as solving a puzzle", "The player clears the stage with his own head It is said that he wants to organize and find out his own play style.

Super Mario 64 that the operation feeling has changed significantly compared with the conventional series because it is the first 3D Mario in the series. Regarding the "jump" action, which is the most important action among the Mario series in particular, the interviewer asked "The jumping motion becomes more intuitive and it seems that it is no longer quantitative", Mr. Miyamoto said "2D "Dynamism that came out in 3D has made it possible for players to enjoy more 3D games" while pretending to be the definitive difference between "3D and 3D". The part that creates "fun" in 2D games comes out completely in another part.

Also, when asked if there was something that I referred to as the first 3D Mario, I revealed that I captured motion in various ways to create actions in Mario. However, after all it seems that all the actions of 3D Mario were made from scratch. In addition, the first thing we did in creating the action for Mario was to create a "skeleton", which seems to be the basis of all actions.

Mario of Super Mario 64 has a large joint around the buttocks, which seems to play the role of controlling the whole body of Mario. As Mario accelerates, it is in a forward tilted posture, and if you tilt the 3D stick to the left and right while running, Mario will run while knocking down the body to the left and right. Such a movement when running in Mario is "ArareIt is also like it, "Miyamoto says.

Although it can be seen from these contents that 3D Mario was designed to work pretty precisely, Mr. Miyamoto says, "It is a point to interweave a bit of a lie that is unimportant in 3D. It may be that Super Mario 64 is one of the reasons why the Super Mario 64 has captivated many users, in that the real movement and the dash and jumping power separated by humans are mixed.

Super Mario 64 can see Mario of various expressions than the past Mario series. According to Mr. Miyamoto, the facial expression of 3D Mario is Mario Paint 3DMario PaintIt was developed from the prototype of what was developed as a sequel to the. In addition, the technology used isSkin animationIt is called what is called standard in the world of animation. Miyamoto says, "It was the first time that skin animation was implemented in the game."

Besides that, Mr. Miyamoto also showed off an episode saying that there was something to be said that "The task of making a game is similar to the work of making a movie". Miyamoto says, "This is the case, it seems that the process of making a game and the process of making a movie are similar," he said, but then, "Would you like to make a movie then?" I immediately reveal that I answered "no" if asked.

Before NINTENDO 64 appeared, many people were eager to make a movie rather than making games, but in the vicinity of 1996 when NINTENDO 64 appeared, many people became interested in game making At that time, I started coming up with the movie production work flowing on the Super Mario 64's title screen, so I commented "I felt that I wanted to make a movie at last."

The images flowing on such a super mario 64 title screen are as follows.

64 Super Mario 64 "Title screen" - YouTube

When asked about the familiar Yoshi in the Mario series only appears in the ending of the game, Miyamoto originally revealed that there was an event where Yoshi appeared. However, the development team could not be satisfied with the event, after all it seems that Yoshi's turn came out. Also, Mario's younger brother Luigi was scheduled to appear in the game until just before the release, but explained that "Because of a memory problem the turn came out of place."

ByHailé F

In addition, although there are a lot of vast stages in Super Mario 64, it seems that when developing such a huge stage, the development team never made a model that would become a base. Before modeling the stage I also revealed that it was about concept art and sketches, simple notes. And at the stage of deciding the details of the stage, Mr. Miyamoto and stage director Yamada Yyoichi got ideas and Yamada seemed to draw sketches quickly on the spot to decide the details of the course.

Miyamoto says "It's like making diorama from clay" although it is surprised by the fact that it made such a complicated course from a simple memo etc. At first it seems to make rough shapes, for example, at the stage of "Bomu hen no kai" where bokking appears, firstly placed a river in the center of the map and stretched it to the area above the hill with the boss . However, when you actually placed Mario on the stage, the river flowed too quickly and it was swept away and it turned out that it was very difficult to get to the area where the boss is located, so if you lose the river and the hill of the game It is said that it was completed. In this way, development seems to be progressing development stage incorporating various ideas.

The race with Nokonoko that can be done with Bomu nijyo is also based on the idea that the development team has come up with, and someone in the development team issued an idea of ​​"to race with a saucon", but in the beginning The course is fairly restrictive and low degree of freedom, so that it aims straight at the top of the mountain. However, this is not too much a race, making the stage as a whole more flexible, completing the stage swirling towards the top of the mountain in the game. In addition, it seems that the first idea was to race with the rabbit, but in the rabbit it was too fast, the players became stressful, and it became specification to race with the sake basket.

You can see how to race with Nokonoko in the following movie.

Super Mario 64 Koopa the Quick Race # 1 - YouTube

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