I was going to see it because "Kurogane four jokes" restored to that state over the course of two years was finally released

On Saturday, September 24, 2016, the restoration work was completed over the course of about two years "World's first mass-produced small four-wheel drive vehicle"Kurogane four rise / former type"Was finally unveiled for the general public. It was "rediscovered" in 2013 in a state of intense scrutiny, how the car body which was restored work was advanced based on the fund exceeding 13 million yen collected by the cloud funding, going to the site I decided to look.

Kurogane Four Completion Opening Ceremony - Google Docs

"Kurogane four-rise / first-half type" that the restoration was completed and the figure at that time was reproduced almost as it was released. It became the basis of restoration in 1939 about the manufacturer of the time "Japan internal combustion engine (now ·Nissan Machinery) "It is said that it will be about 80 years old this year," the former-last type "car body manufactured. The part that can be left is left, and the part which was intensely damaged is reproduced as it was at that time, by doing the task of hitting the steel plate and making up.

This car body is on Saturday 25th September (Sunday) at the special venue at Gotemba Kogen HotelGeneral publicly availableSo check who you are interested in. It was unfortunate weather on the day of the showcase held on September 24th of the previous day, but when it was released for the media in the morning, seeing how the car actually runs with the four-wheeled engines I also made it. In the field, German "Quebaire Wagen" and American "Jeep" are also displayed, and there are also scenes where three cars actually run side by side. Not to mention during the great war, something that can probably be seen only in the present is developed even in modern times.

"Kurogane four elevation" which restoration is completed actually going to run · Running with "Quebaire Wagen" "Jeep" - YouTube

This restoration project was promoted mainly by Mr. Masahiko Kobayashi who is the representative director of the "NPO corporation for defense technology museum creation", and funds are raised by the campaign of "cloud funding" widely investing through the Internet I was financed. On the "READYFOR" page that actually carried out the campaign, it is still possible to see the details of the campaign.

Beyond the moment of 70 years, the phantom domestic car "Kurogane four raised" restoration plan starting! (Masahiko Kobayashi) - READYFOR (Lady Four)

For the front grill like "Oka" of Kendo, the Imperial Army in the centercap badgeIs set up. Although original parts were lost, Mr. Kobayashi representative is a plastic model maker who also has connection personally "Fine Mold"It was said that it was made by scraping out metal clusters by multiplying it.

The emblem written as "Kurogane" seems to be taking over and using what was left at that time.

Before restoration, the body panel covered with rust was also restored, and the light which was lost was also reproduced on the basis of those of the time. In the repair of the body, Kanagawa prefecture'sEternity (wrinkle) bodyI am in charge of the work mainly.

The arm of the front wheel suspension also restores cleanly.

Drive shaft for front wheel drive which was not before restoration also resurrected. In contemporary automobiles, cross-shaped joints which we do not see are first made to feel the times.

Smooth curved rear section. Mr. Kobayashi visited the source of the Russian collector who owned the thing of the time and said that the wheel was taken home by himself as baggage. Apart from the wheel, it seems that this Russian collector got a lot of cooperation.

Of course the muffler is fully restored for this body. I was in charge of the automobile muffler that I was in charge ofFUJITSUBO(Fujitsu Riken Industry) and that.

It is a four-fold restitution that was restored to shiny condition, but it was bad condition just two years ago. At GIGAZINE, I got the actual cars showed at the stage before the restoration started and compiled it in the following article, but when comparing it with the state after restoration it is clear how well the repair was done by the great technology.

Japan's first four-wheel drive passenger car "Kurogane four raised" photo review of the restore front photo - GIGAZINE

Side view featuring short body and wheel base and 18 inches larger tire. It was not possible to open the canopy due to the weather on the day but, of course, it was restored to be complete.

The inside of the car is also shiny.

A huge tunnel overhangs at the foot because of the layout where engines and missions eat into the room greatly. There are holes in various places but it seems that this is a specification, and if it is the impression of the person who actually got on the ride, "It's hot and it's pretty hot".

Around the reproduced meter.

The nameplate has also been restored.

Three iron pedals of accelerator, brake, and clutch that are bare from the floor of carpet laid by iron plate with an excuse.

The inside of the car is a type of three people. The car seems to have been used for scouting and information transmission during battle and for the movement of the military's great people, and he also took on the role as a substitute for the sidecar which was often used at the time.

Opening the engine hood ......

Air-cooled 4 cycle · V type 2 cylinder 1400 cc gasoline engine was settled. I will run a body of 1.06 tons with a power of 33 hp / 3300 rpm.

The valve drive type is OHV, and the rocker arm and the valve spring that strikes the valve are exposed on the cylinder head. The kunekune and the extending copper pipe seem to be for circulating the oil in the engine, and it seems that this engine adopted "dry sump method" which does not have an oil pan.

When you put on the engine, you get four white spots that can produce unexpected white smoke in modern times. From the burning smell of gasoline and the smell of oil felt faintly, I felt something like nostalgia.

Four repaired kurogane, three of Kobelwagen of Germany owned by Mr. Kobayashi and Jeep of America. At that time, the scene that the US military vehicles that had hostile relations with Japan and Germany gathered together seems to be no doubt even if it is said to be only the world wide.

The panel of explanation that was placed beside four kurobets is like this.

Mr. Kobayashi, president of Kamado Co., Ltd. who led the project among the stakeholders involved in the repair work, people from the employee. It seems that it was a project that gathered experts in the company and was promoted.

Mr. Kobayashi, who led the project for the restoration, said, "We have to tell the technology that will degrade if nothing remains unchanged, to the future generations, inheriting the skills developed by our seniors, It is our role to communicate this generation to the generation of Japan.In order to do so, the facility for preserving the industrial products of that time as it is, leaving it as it is, including the splendor of the technology at the time It is necessary. "

◆ The state of the announcement held inviting investors such as Cloud Funding
On Saturday, September 24, a showcase was held at Gotemba Takahara Hotel in Shizuoka prefecture.

While the rainy season became intense on the day, about 300 investors gathered from all over the country to see the four kuroguets at first glance.

Participants who intentionally direct the camera in the space avoiding rain. Everyone was the only person who contributed to Cloud Funding, so it seems there was a deep emotion.

As a guest, greetings by Nikko Nissan of Kyoto who actually kept the vehicle before restoration greeted. President Nagata was deeply connected with Mr. Kobayashi's father in business and was talking about the beginning of the restoration of the four-legged bearings with a mysterious margin.

Also, knowledge of military vehicles including the Jeep was deeply involved in works such as "Future Boy Conan" and "Lupine III Castle of Cagliostro" with a unique style called "Otsuka Action"Yasuo OtsukaOne person from Mr.. Based on the differences from American military cars that I felt when I saw Kurogane four jumps in my childhood, I was talking about my thoughts on the Fourth Ring.

Tape cut by stakeholders was done ......

It was officially unveiled. Investors who participated on the day were sitting on the seat according to the invested plan and taking advantage of the benefits such as shooting.

In addition to being released to the public free of charge on September 25 (Sunday) on Sunday, the restoration is completed, there are also plans to participate in events in various places, so it seems that opportunities that can be seen will increase in future. Also, when the "defense technology museum" which Mr. Kobayashi is promoting is realized, it is supposed to be exhibited also in it, check the site including event participation information .

A party to create NPO corporation defense technology museum

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