Shiny shiny "Evangelion first machine Mechagodzilla color Ver." Collaborating with Mekagodzilla and Eva

"Godzilla vs Evangelion"Evangelion which the collaboration with Shin Godzilla is developed is fused with Mechagodzilla this time and"Evangelion First Machine Godzilla Color Ver.It became a figure called. Since the figure is being exhibited at the 56th All Japan Hobby Show which is being held at Big Sight, I actually went to see it.

2016 The 56th All Japan Model Hobby Show Exhibition Information | KOTOBUKIYA

Godzilla vs Evangelion Evangelion Unit 1 Machine Godzilla Color Ver. | Plastic model | KOTOBUKIYA

Godzilla vs. Evangelion Evangelion First Episode Godzilla Color Ver. | Plastic model | KOTOBUKIYA

Arrived at the exhibition corner of KOTOBUKIYA 's Evangelion.

This is "Evangelion First Machine Godzilla Color Ver." The motif which appeared in the movie "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla" is a motif, and the body is painted in white silver instead of purple. Assembly parts have been painted.

Orange eyes and chin are accented to the main body of silver, and it is the first machine that I have never seen before.

The body part is painted alternately with white silver and black.


From the front, somehow awesome force

The white silver color is not a shiny metallic feel, but it reproduces a slightly dull color of Mekongodzilla. "Evangelion first machine Mechagodzilla Color Ver." Will be released in January 2017, the price is 6200 yen without tax.

Next to Mechagodzilla color Ver. Is "Evangelion first machine Godzilla color Ver."

Evangelion first machine Godzilla color Ver. Imagines a burning Godzilla in the movie "Godzilla VS Destroya".

There are 3 types of head parts and you can pose as if you are running away. "Evangelion first machine Godzilla color Ver." Is scheduled to be released in November 2016, the price is 6200 yen excluding tax.

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